Citigroup Will Terminate Unvaccinated Workers by Jan. 31

Citigroup is the first major company that is taking the step to terminate the people or rather the workers in their company who are Unvaccinated and have not taken the vaccine even after all this fiasco. They have taken the step needed if we are being honest.

In a memo at the beginning of the month, we have seen that the company had reminded their employees that they have to submit proof showing that they are completely vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs. The deadline for that is 14 January.

Citigroup will terminate unvaccinated workers by Jan. 31

Many people and many employees have already submitted the proof of their vaccination. However, there are workers who have not yet. Those who will fail to provide the necessary documents will be put on unpaid leave after a week of the terminal point.

And then, on 31 January, the people who have still not provided the proof of their vaccination will be fired from the company, and their time with the company will come to an end.

This is the ultimatum that had been given to all the employees, and Citigroup might be the first one to pass such a firm order with no exception to anything. You are either vaccinated or you are not. And if you are not then you can not work at their company.

They are the third-largest bank group in the United States, and it is no wonder that they are taking suck strict measures. We think all the companies should behave in this manner. This is because of the current situation, which is worsening every day.

So there is no room for any leniency at the moment. If you are still willingly not taking the vaccine shots, then that’s on you. They need to take care of the employees and the business. They have done what seems to be necessary for the current situation.