Clint Eastwood Net Worth

Today, Hollywood is known for its glamour and charm. And all this was made possible due to its producers and star cast. Celebrities had a great time moulding Hollywood into one of the most successful industries in the world. The Golden Age of Hollywood comes between the 60s to 90s, when the studio system ruled the industry.

Production house used to have lots of restrictions on the actors and actresses. But now the time has changed a lot. There are numerous show biz companies with lump-sum capital and equipment available for making films. Some of the evergreen stars of Hollywood are Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston etc.

Net Worth

Another finest actor of Hollywood is Clint Eastwood. He is an American actor, Film director, Film Producer, Politician, Composer, Pianist, Film Score Composer, Television producer, Businessperson and Investor.

Net Worth

Clint Eastwood gave almost 65 years of his life to Hollywood. He is considered an outstanding actor in Hollywood with extraordinary acting skills. Currently, his Net Worth is $375 million. He received recognition from a TV Series named “Rawhide”.

After his remarkable performance, he went into International fame through an Italian film antihero character “A man with no name” under the guidance of filmmaker Sergio Leone during the 60s. After that, he again did an antihero role as ‘Harry Callahan’ in five ‘Dirty Harry’ films between the 1970s to 1980s. These roles played by Clint Eastwood made him the finest and versatile actor in Hollywood.

Early Life

Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco in the year 1930. He got the name Samson from the hospital nurses because of his weight. His weight during his birth was 11 pounds and 6 ounces. During his childhood, the family used to move from one region to another on the Western Coast due to his dad’s transfer. They finally got settled in Piedmont, California during the 1940s.

Clint used to have a swimming pool in his area, which predominantly were owned by the country’s club. During his childhood, he used to have more than one car. Clint was not a bright student during his school days. His marks were horrible. He was evicted from his school due to his behaviour. Once he wrote disgusting statements on the school’s scoreboard. He was transferred to Oakland Technical High School.

After completing high school, Clint did the job of a lifeguard, paperboy, grocery clerk, golf caddy, and forest firefighter. Later he was recruited to Army during the Korean War. He worked as a lifeguard at Fort Ord in Northern California.


During his Army duty, he came across Chuck Hill. Hill gave him a break in the entertainment industry through his contacts in the industry. He introduced Clint to the director of photography, Irvine Glassberg who later introduced him to the director, Arthur Libin. At first, Libin was highly impressed by the good glimpses and features of Clint. He suggested Clint to enroll himself into an acting school. Clint agreed and started taking classes and giving auditions.

His first-ever film to be released was “Revenge of the Creature”. He appeared in the first part of that film. Later he was offered a role in the film “Ginger Rogers”. This was a western comedy show which turned out to be a major hit. Later, he got a role in the series named “Rawhide”. This series went for six seasons which made Clint one of the finest actors in the west.

In the year 1964, Eastwood was offered a role as an antihero character of A man with no name in Sergio Leone’s film “A fistful of dollars”. The same character again appeared in other films like “For a few more dollars” and “The good, the bad and the ugly”. Such roles made Clint the classic western hero. Later he starred in many other western films like, “Hang em High,” “Paint Your Wagon,” and “Two Mules for Sister Sara”.

In 1971, he gave yet another hit role in the movie “Dirty Harry”. The movie created controversy due to the way it portrayed the condition of African American community. Even after facing criticism, Dirty Harry became a classic in American cinema. The first film ever to be directed by Clint Eastwood was “Play Misty for me”. Later on, he directed many films during his career as an actor. He won the award of Best Director and Best Picture for both 1992’s “Unforgiven” and 2004’s “Million Dollar Baby.”

Personal Life

Eastwood got tied the knot to Maggie Johansson in the year 1953. During his marriage, he already had an affair with a woman which led him to have a child, which Eastwood gave up for adoption. He was into so many relationships at that time. One of them was a 14 year long one which produced his daughter Kimber in 1964. With Maggie, he had two kids Kyle (1968) and Alison (1972). Later they got divorced in 1984.

Later in 1974, Eastwood got into a relationship with Sondra Locke. He had two kids, Scott (1986) and Kathryn (1988). They later got broke up in 1989. Eastwood married Diana Ruiz in 1996. He had a daughter Morgan. They got divorced in 2013.

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Real Estate

Eastwood had a 15,000 vast estate in California along with an estate in Caramel-by-the-sea, 6,136 square foot home in Bel Air, the 1,067 acre Rising River Ranch in Burney, and another home next door to his primary Bel Air residence. He also bought a 1.5-acre oceanfront in Maui and a 5,700 house in Sun Valley, Idaho.


Eastwood delivered some of the best roles in Hollywood films. He got huge recognition in the West as well as in America. Along with being an actor, he also is a great director. He is considered an iconic personality when it comes to the Golden era of Hollywood.