Coinbase, Alphabet, and More Stocks Making the Moves in the Premarket

So we are back again with the very nice news about the stocks making the biggest moves in the pre-market. Well, we have to tell you that this is not entirely true as the stocks can sometimes be going down and the news is not very nice but change is the only constant here. So give a check out to all these.

Coinbase, Alphabet, and More Stocks Making the Moves in the Premarket

Coinbase (COIN) — The start of today’s market and the news is not that good as the shares of Coinbase had gone down more than 11% pre-market trading.

Poshmark (POSH) — Poshmark had not been having a good day as they have had their shares go down more than 31% in the early morning trading.

DoorDash (DASH) — Shares of DoorDash had seen a good day as they had gone up more than 15% in the pre-market trading.

FuboTV (FUBO) — Shares of FuboTV are not seeing a good day either as they have gone ahead and fell roughly around 8% in the pre-market trading that had happened today. This is indeed some bad news that we are getting regarding the stocks and shares.

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Wendy’s (WEN) — There had been the shares of Wendy’s, which had gone ahead and gained more than 1% in the early morning trading. This might be the one bit of good news that we are getting in the stock market today, who knows by the looks of it.

Palantir (PLTR) — Palantir share fell more than 2% in the pre-market trading. This seems to have been expected by the people.

Alphabet (GOOGL) — Google-parent company Alphabet shares traded in slightly negative in the pre-market trading. The number or percentage is not high enough to be noted.

That is all that we have for now. The devastating thing about this is that the stock market had more losses than gains in today’s market, and we do not know how to cope with that. We are sure that things will change in the future. Hopefully for the better. That is the only thing that we can do now. So make sure that you come and check back tomorrow.