European stocks rebound as investors focus on next U.S. inflation data

Inflation is a problem as the European Stocks are now set up in a time to come back and set up for a higher open this Tuesday. Investors are looking at the United States to check for the numbers about inflation. If we are going to talk about statistics then this is what you have been looking for.

The United Kingdom has a lot more to report as we can see that the FTSE index is seen opening 31 points higher at 7,464, moving on to the next one here we have Germany’s DAX78 points which can be found to be higher at 15,886, France’s CAC 40 is also not out of the woods as we see a report of 44 points at 7,174 and finally at the end of the list we get Italy’s FTSE MIB which went on to be higher by 114 points at 27,300.

European stocks rebound as investors focus on next U.S. inflation data

Now all the countries are giving out their inflation report and the numbers are going on higher than we have seen before but we are now waiting for the inflation report from the United States that is supposed to come out this week.

The Investors all have their eyes on it. Global inflation does seem to cause a lot of rising in consumer goods. Just last month we have seen an increase in the prices of their goods in the United kingdom.

The Investors are keeping their eyes open and we are hoping that this all turns out to be good for us. Well that being said the news reports are not revealing a lot much other than the fact that the impact can be felt on a scale.

We are sure that the inflation report will be out soon. We will keep you updated on the news so keep your eyes open guys. We are sure that there will be some news to report soon.