10 Jobs For College Students That Pay More Than $15/Hour

Not everyone can afford college tuition easily. Some students come from financially weaker sections.

They might need extra financial support. Even if you don’t belong to that section, every college student can use some extra cash in hand.

Working along with college also gives you a first-hand experience of what life will be like after college. In a sense, it will prepare you for your future.

Make Money

The college schedule can be very hectic but there are jobs that give students flexible working hours.

But flexible hours are not the only thing that students need. They need jobs that will make them good money and will help them survive college without financial tensions.

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10 Jobs for College Students That Pay More Than $15 Per Hour

There are many jobs that pay students more than $15/per along with flexible working hours. Some of the jobs are listed below for your reference:

1. Social Media Manager

A decade ago, social media marketing was non-existent. But today, it is one of the fastest-growing jobs.

The role of a social media manager is to handle all the social media platforms of the company.

They are responsible to be the face and voice of a company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their goal is to increase website traffic and optimize brand awareness.

College students are more active on social media and well versed with it. This is a job that will be easy for them and will have flexible working hours.

Being a social media manager can pay a college student $15-$40 per hour in the beginning. This may increase on the basis of their performance.

2. Online Tutor

Being an online tutor is one of the easiest jobs for a college student. They can use their knowledge and teach the ones younger to them. They can also provide tuitions to their fellow peers if they want.

Online tutoring doesn’t only mean academic teaching. If they have any special skill like dancing, singing, painting or any other such skill, they can provide classes for these too.

You can either become an independent tutor or work with some institution or academy.
Online tutoring can pay you $13-$20 per hour or more.

3. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk is someone who types the database into a computer from paper documents.

These jobs are not very highly paid but can still earn you a little more than $15/hour.The usual pay scale for this job is $9-$16/hour. Skills required are also very limited.

They include fast typing speed, a keen eye for details, and basic knowledge of databases. You also need a good command of English both spoken and written.

4. Resume Writer

A resume writer’s job is to draft a compelling marketing document. They don’t just write the factual history of your career. This job can be done online but has deadlines.

They craft a resume that is specially designed to apply to the target employers. They need to develop an in-depth understanding of their client. Working as a resume writer can pay you $15-$25 per hour.

5. Freelance Writer or Editor

Many magazines, publishing companies, and editorial services hire freelance writers and editors.If you are fluent in English and have good writing skills you can apply for the job.

But if you are not so sure about your writing skills but have a good command of English, you can apply for a freelance editor.

Both the jobs offer you flexible working hours. Thus, it won’t interrupt your college schedule. It usually pays you $50 or more per article.

6. Mirco-Freelancer

Micro- Freelancing is any job that gets completed for a small amount of money in a short period of time.

Any job that pays less than $100 and is completed within two weeks is micro- freelancing. There is no specific job that comes under micro-freelancing.

Sites like Fiverr, Elance, and Odesk give you a good opportunity to find micro-freelancing jobs. The only skill you need is creativity. Your creativity alone can earn you $5-$50 per gig, depending on the work.

7. Virtual Recruiter

A virtual recruiter is someone who takes interviews and hires people virtually. They work as the link between the companies and the job seekers.

In a time like today, where social distancing is mandatory, physical interviews may not be very convenient. Thus, this job is becoming more significant nowadays.

Your work will include: host video interviews, screen resumes, and manage virtual events. It can pay you $20-$30 per hour.

8. PowerPoint Presentation Designers

Many people have the skill to present but not to make a presentation. Thus, they hire PowerPoint presentation designers.

The job of a PowerPoint presentation designer is to design templates and layouts. This job is in vogue nowadays.

You should have special knowledge about PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Also,  you should have a good eye for designs and aesthetics. The job can pay you approximately $10-$20 per slide.

9. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you get paid to provide administrative services to your clients. These services may include making phone calls, managing emails, and blog writing.

You can also work as a social media manager, travel agent or graphic designer. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor.

You will need a computer, commonly used software programs and high-speed internet. You can earn $10-$20 per hour.

10. Transcriptionist

This job includes listening to recorded or live audio files and convert them into text format. Skills required are accuracy, discretion, confidentiality, and efficiency.

You also need high typing speed and good command of English. You have the freedom to work at your own pace and according to your own schedule if you work from home. This job can get you paid $15-$25 per hour.

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These jobs might not pay you much. You can always apply for more than one job if it fits your schedule. They will not only give you monetary help but will give you experience.

This will be beneficial in the future as well. One of the major plus points of the jobs mentioned above is that the work timings are flexible. Thus, it would not interfere with your college schedule.

There are other jobs as well that you can apply for. Such as a niche blogger, genealogist, and a search engine evaluator.

Also, the pay scale may vary from employer to employer. The above-mentioned pay scales are only estimates.We recommend you choose the job according to your skills and interests.