‘Kevin O’Leary Net Worth’ Age, Height, Personal Life, Family, And Career Highlights

A pure multi-tasker who has clearly shown his talent in politics, business, and is a renowned author and a television personality it is none other than the famous Kevin O’Leary, who has a net worth of 400 million dollars which is quite a big amount.

Some of you may know him through the name of soft key international or the television show, “Dragons Den” and “Shark Tank” as he is the founder of these.

Kevin O’Leary Early Life

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth

Kevin’s full name is Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary which is quite a big name; he was born in the beautiful place Montreal, Quebec, Canada on July 9, 1954. His father is from an Irish accent and his mother is from a Lebanese accent.

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And Leary holds an Irish passport and citizenship due to his parental heritage. After his parents’ divorce and his father’s death, his mother married an economist Gorge Kanawaty.

As his stepfather worked in UN International Labor Organization, Leary grew up moving around the world which includes Tunisia, Cyprus, and Cambodia. As his mother was a great and talented investor she taught him lots of stuff including how to save one-third of his money for the future.

And as his stepfather advised him to attend a university before pursuing his desired career as a photographer, because of this he pursued graduation. This school time was the turning point where he grew interested in business and investing.

During the year 1977 Kevin graduated from the University of Waterloo and pursued an MBA degree from Ivey business school during year 1980.

Kevin O’Leary Business Career

While Kevin was pursuing his MBA he did an internship with the company named Nabisco, and worked as an assistant brand manager for cat food brand. He claims that this internship has helped him to earn skills that helped him later.

After his internship, he stepped his foot as a television producer, and also is the co-founder of an independent television production company named special event television (SET) with his MBA classmates.

Later on, Kevin’s share in the venture was bought by one of the partner for 25,000 dollar. In 1986 after the sales of his share in SET he started a software company named soft key in a basement building of Toronto with his business partner’s John Freeman and Gary Babcock.

When a banker withdrew their commitment money of 2,50,000 dollars, Kevin was forced to use his 25000 dollars which he got from the sales of his share, and a 10000 dollar as a loan from his mother to establish the company, which was formed as publishing and distributing company of CD-ROM-based personal computer software for Macintosh and Windows computers.

This company also produced a number of educational software products which increased their fame by the year 1993 and also has started to acquire rival companies such as WordStar and Spinnaker software.

During the year 1995, he acquired the learning company (TLC) for around 606 million dollars after that SoftKey adopted the name TLC. Later in the year of 1999 TLC was bought by Mattel for 4.2 billion dollars.

Kevin also became a co-investor and director of the company named Storage Now, in the year of 2003. This company is known well for its climate controlled storage facilities. After lots of effective developments, Storage Now has become Canada’s third-largest operator of storage services.

Kevin O’Leary Personal Life

During the year of 1990 Kevin married, Linda. Around 2011 the couple separated but soon after two years they resumed their marriage. Linda now works as the VP of the marketing sector for O’Leary wines.

They have two children where one among them named Trevor is a music producer and DJ, and the other named Savannah is a Multimedia Producer at the Huffington Post. O’Leary has several houses but the primary residence and tax residency is in Toronto, Ontario.

He also has a cottage in Muskoka and houses in Boston, Geneva, and Switzerland. He is also a great lifelong photographer and has conducted several exhibitions where he donated the proceedings to charity.

Kevin is also known to be a great fan of the football team named New England patriots which he claims to have watched all of their games.

Kevin O’Leary Politics

O’Leary officially entered politics on January 18, 2017. And also during his official campaign, he was quite easily compared with Donald Trump as both of them was wealthy business men’s and gained recognition through television. And on April 26, 2017 O’Leary officially withdrew from the leadership race.

Kevin O’Leary Other Ventures

In the year of 2011, September Kevin released his first book named “Cold Hard Truth: on business, money and life”. He also released 2 follow ups too. From his appearance in the 2 TV shows named “Share Tank” and “Dragons Den” he gained a beautiful nickname as “Mr. Wonderful”.

Kevin O’Leary Early Life and Background

Kevin O’Leary was born on July 9, 1954, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As of 2023, O’Leary is 69 years old and stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Raised by his mother, Georgette, and his stepfather, George Kanawaty, O’Leary’s upbringing played a significant role in shaping his business acumen.

Kevin O’Leary Educational Journey

O’Leary attended Stanstead College and St. George’s School. He later pursued higher education at the University of Waterloo, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and psychology.

He then obtained an MBA in entrepreneurship from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario.

Kevin O’Leary Rise to Financial Success

Kevin O’Leary’s path to wealth began with SoftKey Software Products, a technology company he founded in 1986.

The company, which specialized in educational software, grew rapidly through acquisitions and was later rebranded as The Learning Company, which was sold to Mattel in 1999 for a substantial sum, contributing significantly to O’Leary’s wealth.

Kevin O’Leary Career in Television

O’Leary gained fame as a television personality through his appearances on business news programs and as a co-host on “Dragons’ Den.”

He became a household name in the United States after joining the cast of “Shark Tank” in 2009. His straightforward and often blunt investment style made him a standout figure on the show.

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth and Business Ventures

As a venture capitalist, Kevin O’Leary’s net worth is significant, accumulated through his investments, television appearances, and business ventures. He is known for his diversified investment portfolio, which includes holdings in various companies across different sectors.

Kevin O’Leary Personal Life: Family and Relationships

O’Leary is married to Linda O’Leary, and the couple has two children. His marriage and family life have generally been kept private, with O’Leary balancing his public persona with his personal commitments.

Kevin O’Leary Real Estate and Lifestyle

Reflecting his financial success, O’Leary owns several properties, including homes in Toronto, Boston, and Geneva. His real estate choices are indicative of his taste and status as a successful entrepreneur.

Kevin O’Leary Awards and Recognition

While primarily known as a businessman and television personality, O’Leary has also been recognized for his contributions to the finance and entertainment industries, receiving various accolades and honors throughout his career.

Kevin O’Leary Social Media and Public Image

Kevin O’Leary is active on social media platforms, where he shares investment insights, personal opinions, and moments from his life. His social media presence has contributed to his popularity as a public figure.

The Key to O’Leary’s Wealth

Kevin O’Leary’s financial success can be attributed to his savvy investment strategies, entrepreneurial ventures, and his ability to capitalize on opportunities in the tech and media industries.

O’Leary’s Role on Shark Tank

On “Shark Tank,” O’Leary is known for his critical analysis of business proposals and his willingness to invest in ventures that he believes have potential for high returns. His tenure on the show has made him one of the most recognizable venture capitalists on television.

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Kevin O’Leary a man who tried so hard to start an establishment has now grown to a level where he earns around 400 million dollars as a net worth.

This teaches us that a person’s desire to achieve what they love will surely make them get it and this is what Paulo Coelho meant in alchemist when he said that “And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”