‘Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth’ Age, Height, Personal Life, Family, And Career Highlights

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Who Is Kyra Sedgwick?

I am sure that many people might not actually know who she is so I am including an introduction to help you guys. She is a very popular American actress. You might have seen her on TV. The chances are highly likely.

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She is also a director and a producer and by that, we mean that she has worked as both. She has a stellar net worth on her too and we are going to talk about it immediately after this introduction.

She has even won an Emmy which is not so much an easy feat. So that’s a lot of accomplishment she has got under her belt.

What Is Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth?

Well, she has been quite popular in her years. So it must not come as a surprise when we tell you that she has a net worth of 45 million dollars. If you thought that it would be a lot less than this then that would be a downright insult to her because she is a pretty popular celebrity.

So if you want to know some more real facts about her and her life then do give this article a read. We are sure that you will love it.

Kyra Sedgwick Early Life

She was born on 19 August 1965 in New York City. Her mom and dad are Patricia and Henry Dwight Sedgwick respectively. She is currently 55 years old. Her mother was Jewish and she herself identifies as Jewish.

Her father was of English heritage. Her parents got divorced when she was only 6 years old. Her mother soon married an art dealer called Ben Heller.

She has a brother and he is also an actor. Some of you might know him, some of you may not. He is named Robert Sedgwick. She is also the half-sister of Mike Stern. He is a jazz guitarist.

Kyra Sedgwick Personal Life

Now, this is interesting because she got married to the actor Kevin Bacon in the year 1988. Now the very interesting part is that she later learned that they are both tenth cousins once removed. This revelation was from 2012.

She has two kids with him. They are named Travis Sedgwick Bacon and actress Sosie Ruth Bacon respectively. The fact about him and her being cousins might not be of much relevance at all but it is still quite a coincidence.

Kyra Sedgwick Professional Life (Career)

She has had a great professional life, to say the least. She made her debut at the age of 16. It was on a soap opera called Another World.

In the 1990s she appeared in a lot of Hollywood films like Singles (1992), Heart and Souls (1993), Something to Talk About (1995).

She is also known for her role in the TV series The Closure. She is also there occasionally in the NBC comedy series Brooklyn nine. We all love that show, let’s be honest. She also got a Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009. She is an epic woman.

Kyra Sedgwick Early Life and Background

Born on August 19, 1965, in New York City, Kyra Sedgwick is 58 years old as of 2023. She stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall.

The daughter of Patricia Rosenwald, a speech teacher and family therapist, and Henry Dwight Sedgwick V, a venture capitalist, Sedgwick was raised in an upper-class environment that fostered her early interest in acting.

Kyra Sedgwick Educational Journey

Sedgwick attended private schools, including the prestigious Friends Seminary in Manhattan and Sarah Lawrence College. She later transferred to the University of Southern California, where she pursued a degree in theater arts.

Kyra Sedgwick Acting Career: Films and TV Shows

Kyra Sedgwick’s acting career is marked by a range of roles in both television and film. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the TV series “The Closer,” for which she won a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Her filmography includes notable titles like “Singles,” “Something to Talk About,” and “The Edge of Seventeen.”

Kyra Sedgwick Personal Life: Marriage to Kevin Bacon

Sedgwick married actor Kevin Bacon in 1988, after meeting on the set of the PBS version of Lanford Wilson’s play “Lemon Sky.” Bacon was 29 years old when they met. The couple has two children and their marriage is often celebrated for its longevity in Hollywood.

Kyra Sedgwick’s Lineage and Family History

Kyra Sedgwick hails from the prominent Sedgwick family, which has roots in early American history. Despite rumors, she is not related to Julia Roberts. Her family’s history is rich, with connections to notable historical figures.

Kyra Sedgwick Current Projects and Activities

As of 2024, Kyra Sedgwick continues to be active in the entertainment industry. She has expanded her career to include directing and producing, showcasing her diverse talents in the industry.

Kyra Sedgwick Real Estate and Lifestyle

Reflecting her success in the acting world, Sedgwick, along with her husband Kevin Bacon, owns property in the United States, including a home in Los Angeles. Their real estate choices reflect their status in the entertainment industry.

Kyra Sedgwick Awards and Accolades

Kyra Sedgwick’s contributions to film and television have been recognized with numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. These honors underscore her talent and impact as an actress.

Kyra Sedgwick Social Media Engagement

Sedgwick maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She uses these platforms to engage with fans, share personal moments, and promote her projects.

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