How to Make $1000 Fast

Well, if you are also one who needs fast cash within one week or instantly,  then this article is definitely going to be a lightning lamp towards your goal. We all do find ourselves in situations where we just run out of money and are still left with a lot of payments to be done yet.

You should not be surprised to know that there are plenty of part time, work from home (online), doable, easy jobs that you can try to get instant money and fulfill your immediate cash needs.

Make Money

There are even many jobs and services which does not ask for as such great work experience and excellent qualifications or degrees.

But each coin has two side so there are jobs which do also require experience less or more depends upon the skills required for the job and how much they are going to pay you off.

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5 Different Ways Which You Can Really Check Out To Earn

So now let’s look into these 5 ways which are going to pay you off $1000 within 1 week, one more thing to bring in your notice is that these sources can also become your passive income which you can use to save that extra bit.

1. Earn Money By Participating In Network Research.

Well, have you ever thought that your opinions about a product like its qualities,  its goods and bads, improvements that can be made in it do matters to anyone else other than you?

If no, then you should believe that there are companies and brands which pay you for your opinions about their products.

You must be thinking that why would these companies will pay me or what is that they are looking for in me.

The simple answer to this is that by doing so they are able to make improvements in their products, grow their products sales.

And to stretch their shares in the market all by working out the flaws in their products based upon your opinion and feedback.

A question also arises here that what are the tasks that you are required to fulfill to get paid for, so the tasks that are covered up are:-

Watching videos,online shopping, referring to friends, taking surveys and browsing.

Now that you are well aware about how or what you are supposed to do below are few market research companies that you can try:-


You  will be happy to know that this site provides you with a $5 sign up bonus.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites which pays their members for doing a verity of things for them.

Survey Junkies 

This site also gives you a $5 bonus for signing in and it serves Canadians people. This survey site pays you for playing games, reading emails,watching videos and much more.

 Inbox Dollars 

With a welcome bonus of $5 , this site is an online marketing company and reward club which pays for doing really simple tasks.


It is a Canadian survey site, which on a daily basis furnish one of the highest paying surveys.


It is an online survey panel,it is owned by Ipsos which is one of the most celebrated companies.

This panel provides you with  different surveys and above mentioned tasks and in exchange of completing these simple tasks you get cash rewards and gift cards.

2. Use Cash Back Apps.

Who doesn’t likes to get free money,  yes you read it right, there are apps that gives you cash back for online  shopping for most of the things like clothing, accessories, household supplies,  food order, groceries amd many more.

Below are some cash back apps you can check out:-

Magic Pins

This app has been voted for the best cash back apps for 2018, this app simply gives you points which you can redeem by using vouchers, mobile recharge, ticket bookings or by paying household bills.


As suggested by the name this one gives you cashbacks in the form of coupons and it also provides you wide range of ways.

In which you can use that money like recharging, bill submissions or keeping the money in coupons for later usage.


This one gives you great cash backs upon each of your purchases ,the app consists of some of the big brands like flipkart, paytm, faasos and free charge.


With upto 25% cash back. It is a canadian app where you get rewards for your day to day purchases.


One of the best grocery apps to get exciting cash backs , here you also get a bonus $1 by using a promo code during signing in.

3. Do Freelance Work Online

Freelancing is more like an ocean with a lot more flexibility in terms of work hours, skills required, gigs,and experience.

Freelancing gives you a wide range of paid gigs such as logo designing,article writing,translate, data entry,bookkeeping, voice over, lifestyle adviser, transcript audio and etc.

Here are few sites you can start with for Freelancing:-

  • Fiverr
  • Internshala
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Simply hired
  • We work remotely
  • LinkedIn

All these websites will definitely help you out if you are a student who want to keep both studies and money making hand in hand

4. Start a Blog

Bloggers these days get paid a lot of money by writing content related to daily lifestyle, health and medicine,world politics,economic reforms & development, technology and innovation.

All these are the hot topics that attract the major audience because these days people rely more on digital sources of information than print and electronic sources .

Blogging is  not much expensive to start off but it is also something that takes time to grow and build & attract its audience that means blogging will not make $1000 for you.

In its first week only but this will surely become your monthly passive income. You can also write content for other established bloggers who pay you for your article if you don’t want to start your own blog.

5. Deliver Groceries With Instacart and Make Money

If you can extract some amount of time from your daily busy schedule then you can earn money by working as a delivery man for groceries within your area or town.

For instance, Instacart gives you an opportunity to assist people during their grocery shopping and work as store keeper for the same.

Here you get paid via check or deposit . You can also opt this job for full time and deliver the order.

Another website that pays you pretty well to deliver food in your area is Postmates. With a smartphone and a vehicle you can definitely kick off on this job very easily.

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So here were 5 amazing ways which you can definitely try out to make  $1000 within 1 week.

See other than these 5 ways still there are plenty of ways through which you can earn money , out of these 5 ways some are easy, doable, online jobs while some are jobs that require you to get out of your home and earn.

You can either focus one only 1 of these 5 ways or can work on a mix of them to get closer to your money goal.

At the end of the day what will matter is how much time you devote to these jobs, your skills in relevant fields and amount of money they will pay to you.

So without any further delay you must go on and find your best ways to make $1000 within 1 week and then celebrate your success.