How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful place for learning things, enjoying amazing videos, etc. There are different categories of videos on YouTube. We can easily say that YouTube is our favorite pastime.

There will be hardly any person who doesn’t like YouTube. We all love money and we often search for different ways of making money. YouTube is also a very important platform for making money. Hence you should know about how to make money from YouTube because it is super easy.

YouTube also gives us many opportunities to show our talent or creativity through videos. You will be glad to know that you can make money from YouTube. You can make money by simply making videos. So today we are going to talk about how to make money on YouTube. This is a suitable place for you to learn about how to make money from YouTube.

How to Make Money on YouTube

We will talk about different easy ways for making money from YouTube. So don’t worry because we got you covered. Hence keep reading ahead on how to make money on YouTube for all details.

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How to Make Money on YouTube

We will talk about different easy ways for making money from YouTube. So don’t worry because we got you covered. Hence keep reading ahead on how to make money on YouTube for all details.

1. Become a YouTube Partner

One way is becoming a YouTube partner. Becoming a YouTube partner comes with different advantages. There are many perks of becoming a YouTube partner. So it is not only for earning money but about more things too. We know a way of earning money is ad revenue.

There are also many other ways such as channel memberships, YouTube premium subscription fees, and other many different features.

Actually becoming a YouTube partner opens your channels to different opportunities in an easy way. So you get to know what else opportunities are there for you. So start reading the steps given below.

1. Step 1- Firstly you should have a YouTube channel. Your channel needs to be successful too.

2. Step 2- You need to meet the criteria of a minimum of 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months or 1 year.

3. Step 3- You also need to create an Ad sense account. Now you need to go through different monetization features. You need to understand different ways of earning money.

Some of them are given below and hence keep reading ahead.

Channel Memberships- You need to be at least 18 years of age and have more than 30,000 subscribers. You sell your channel memberships to your subscribers and you earn extra money.

Ad Revenue- You need to be at least 18 years old. Your videos should be interesting. Your videos shouldn’t try to defame anyone. In simple words, the advertisers need to be comfortable while running ads on your videos.

Merchandise Shelf- You need to be at least 18 years old in order to use this feature. You also need at least 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube Premium Revenue- This is a kind of feature that actually needs no special arrangement from you. It is actually connected with YouTube premium members. So basically your videos need to be watched by YouTube premium members. In simple words, you will receive a part of the subscription fee from YouTube premium members.

Super Chat payments- Your live chats can also help you in earning money. Simply, you will get paid for highlighting your fans messages on live chat. The basic requirement is the same as the above features, that you need to be at least 18 years old.

4. Step 4- You have to submit the ongoing reviews. You have to maintain the guidelines. Just try to follow all the rules given by YouTube.

2. Sell Your Own Merchandise

As you already know that your videos are content. You can sell your products and you can use YouTube to sell them. You can sell them and earn money. You can use YouTube for selling your products. It is as simple as that. There are many users online and you need to connect with the users that need your products.

So all you have to understand and design YouTube marketing strategy properly. You should work hard and develop strong connections with users. Read the steps given below now for all details.

Step 1- You need to design the product with creativity.

Your products should be unique and useful. You can use different ways to know what actually your users want. Different polls, and live chats, etc can help you in understanding your users’ demand. You should create a budding and increasing interest in the audience about your merch. You can then drop products one by one.

Hence firstly you need to make an interesting and super powerful strategy for your merch. The key is to start right now.

Step 2- Start making/building your products.

In this process, you need a manufacturer, wholesaler, etc for making your products. Some of these people will deliver the products to you by themselves. In some other cases, you need to hire people to deliver these products to you. So you have to find the people willing to work for you and get started.

Step 3- Now create the shop and landing page.

You have to create a whole new page for your shop and hence a new website.

Step 4-  You have to enable your YouTube partner merchandise shelf.

Step 5- Promoting your products through your videos.

This is a very important step. You should try to promote your merch through the videos. You can either wear your merch or just use it in the video. You can review them as well. All these things will attract the viewers to buy and this is what you want.

3. Create Sponsored Content

You can choose to create sponsored content in order to earn money through YouTube. You have to find a brand and make deals with them. You don’t have to hide the fact that you are creating sponsored content at all. Your audience should be in big numbers and should be interested in the brand’s products. Hence you are offering a big number of audiences to the brand.

So you will get paid for doing so after making a deal with the brand. So the first step is to find a good brand to collaborate with.

Step 1- Look out for a brand to collaborate with.

The brand you collaborate with should be truthful and trustworthy. In simple words, your viewers should not feel disappointed with the brand products they brought. Hence quality should be good. You can also try to sign up for an influencer marketing platform.

Step 2- Sign a deal or contract.

You should always make a deal with that particular brand. It is always good to have a deal sign up before acting on the sponsored content. You should try to know how much the normal rate is in the YouTube market for sponsored content.

Step 3- Let the world know about your #sponcon #ad.

You should try to follow all the guidelines stated by YouTube and Google ads policies. Following the guidelines always keeps you on the safe side and makes you trustworthy. YouTube has a visible disclosure feature. It means your audience already knows that you are advertising. So it is always good to not to fool the audience in any way.

4. Get your Fans to Pay you Directly

There are many ways to make money from YouTube. A good way is to get your fans to pay you directly. You just have to make sure that your fans find it easy to pay you. In simple words, paying you directly shouldn’t be a hectic job for your fans. As a hectic task result, they may choose to avoid it. So given below are are ways to get your fans to pay you directly.

Step 1- Allow the use of Superchat while hosting live chats.

You need to be a YouTube partner for using this feature. This feature allows the viewers to highlight and pin their comments on your live chats. It totally depends on the money they paid for a particular comment.

Step 2- Allow and motivate your fans to become members of your channel.

You should try to encourage your fans to become members of your channel. Your fans have to pay for becoming a member. In return, they enjoyed certain perks that only a member can enjoy. Such perks are badges, access to member features, custom emoji etc.

Step 3- You can also motivate your fans for becoming YouTube premium subscribers.

You can also motivate them for premium subscribers. They actually have to pay for becoming a YouTube premium subscriber.

5. Use Crowdfunding on an Ongoing or One-Off Basis

Crowdfunding for a project is a good way to collect money. People can donate to you online and in return they get rewards. Many people are trying and using crowdfunding for several years now. So keep reading ahead of the steps for using the crowdfunding way.

Step 1- Create a crowdfunding account.

There are many sites that you can choose for crowdfunding. You will be glad to know even YouTube made a list of approved crowdfunding sites. Sites like GoFundme, Patreon, kickstarter are some of the popular crowdfunding sites.

Step 2- Try to promote and show your campaign through your videos.

The people donating you have every right to know about their money uses. You should inform the people through your videos about the campaign or the goals for these donations. There are many benefits of promoting your campaign and goals through the videos.

The audience will get to know about the campaign and more people will likely join it. Secondly, people will know the use of their donated money. Hence it is a very important step that you shouldn’t miss at all.

Step 3- To the other apps.

Your campaigns and goals shouldn’t be limited to YouTube only. A successful donation means it should be present on all popular social media platforms. You should also try to promote your YouTube channel on most of the social media platforms. People unaware of your channel on YouTube will get to know about it through other platforms.

6. License your Content to the Media

Your content holds enormous power. It is actually your tool for earning money and for expressing yourself. Your viral and trending videos give you so much happiness and recognition.

Well, you get so much more things from trending and viral videos. Now usually everyone wants your viral videos for different purposes. As we know different people use viral videos on different platforms. You may have noticed that you watch the same videos on different accounts.

So these different media companies that want to use your videos need to pay for that. So this is another way of making money on YouTube.

You just need to license your work to the media. So the different media companies will have to pay you for every video, that they want to use only their platforms.

1. Your about page needs to be updated with your contact details. Hence you are making it easy for people to find you and contact you. Keeping your contact details will help the people for making business inquiries as well. So you know this is a very important step.

2. You also need to get yourself signed up for a video rights marketplace. It is also an essential step even if you don’t have a super-viral video right now. You actually don’t know when it is going to happen. So it is important to get yourself covered.

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We have tried to present how to make money on YouTube in a simple manner. There are many ways for making money on YouTube. Sometimes we have an engaging audience and worthy content but we are unaware of the ways of making money.

So this article is all about giving lights on the super easy ways of making money on YouTube. So try to read all of them and just get started. We wish you all the best for starting the ways for making money on YouTube.