Nvidia, Broadcom and More Stocks Are Making the Moves Midday

The stock market is always in a state of turmoil with stocks going up and down. Here are some of the stocks that are making the biggest moves midday in the stock market. Check them out for yourself.

Nvidia, Broadcom and More Stocks Are Making the Moves Midday

Didi Global: If you did not know then this is one of the Chinese ride-hailing giants.  The stocks have been up for Didi Global. It has actually climbed up 2.3% in the midday stock market. There has been a report that the company is going to be taken over by Beijing in the potential future. This had not cashed any harm or any dip in the stocks of this company. Seems like we are off to a good and positive start.

MongoDB: This has been one of the highest stock ratings that we are seeing in the stock market right now. This one is one of the database companies. They have gained around or rather you can say surged more than 26% in the stock market on Friday. We are all in awe of the percentage that has gone up for this one.

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PagerDuty: This one is a Software company. They have jumped the gun and got up to nearly 7% in the stock market after the midday mark. This is indeed a big deal for the company. The losses have been adjusted for the people. Till now we have been getting good news.

DocuSign: This one is an e-signature solution provider. They have gone up and they have seen its stock rise 5.2%. The reports have come in states the estimated amount was pretty close to what it actually gained.

Joann Inc: This might be the first one of the bunch where we are seeing a downfall of the stock. Shares of the crafts company sunk more than 19%. This is some bad news and it would hit the company pretty hard.

Broadcom: The chipmaker also known as Broadcom climbed more than 1% after reporting quarterly earnings. This is not that much but still, it is significant enough to be mentioned on the list.

fuboTV: This one is a sports streaming company. This has gone up with an early 1% in the midday stock market.

Nvidia: Shares have gone up around 2% in the midday stock market.

That is all for today. If you are keen on knowing more then you can come back tomorrow for more news and updates about the stock market.