Oatly, Tesla, and More Stocks Making Moves in Pre Market

Some stocks are always making big moves in the pre-market. Today is no different as we see many stocks making some of the biggest moves that we have seen in a few weeks. We are sure that you have been waiting for this report.

So here we are now, as promised to bring you the best news and also sometimes sad news from the pre-market. So without getting into any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Oatly, Tesla, and More Stocks Making Moves in Pre Market

Oatly (OTLY) – The oat milk producer is going down on their business in the latest years as they had lost 7 cents per share in the last quarter that we see. We can see that they have had their shares go down 14.1% in pre-market action.

Tesla (TSLA) – Tesla had been having a bad day, and we see double negatives as the first market opened too. They have gone down a considerable amount of 2.1% in pre-market trading.

Dollar Tree (DLTR) – Dollar Tree had been having a good day as it has gone up 8.3% in the pre-market action.

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American Tower (AMT) – They have had a good day as their shares in the stock market had gone up around 2.6% in pre-market action.

Boeing (BA) – The market stock had added 2.7% in the pre-market action today. This seems to be going on a positive streak of now.

Petco (WOOF) – The pet products retailers have not been having a happy day as it had their stock go down 2.9% in pre-market trading.

Evgo (EVGO) – This one is the operator of public EV charging networks if you did not know that before. They have not seen a positive side as they saw their stock go down by 7.7% in the pre-market trading.

CrowdStrike (CRWD) – Crowdstrike had also gone down 4.6% in the pre-market.

That is all, for now, today, folks. We will surely be back tomorrow for more tidbits about the pre-market and the stock market. We are sure that you will be here too. So see you until then.