10 Best Online Jobs for 2023

With the end of the year 2020, it is also an end of a decade. The end of 2020 is just around the corner and we all have a lot to say about this year.

This one year has been a scary roller coaster ride on which none of us would want to take one more ride.

But it is not that the year, in particular, has just brought us pandemic and depression and economy slowdown it has certain good sides as well it has given online jobs and work a boost.

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Everyone wants to get an online job in the comfort of their home. So here in this article, we will be bringing you the top 10 best online jobs that you can check out in 2021 to get started with switching yourself online.

In this article, we will be telling you the best options available for you which are trustworthy and legit.

Because as more and more people are switching to online it is really becoming a hectic job to find out the most promising job for yourself.

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10 Best Online Jobs for 2023

All these recommendations are well researched with a list of average payments these jobs will offer. So let’s get started with our first recommendation.

1. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the one who helps the companies promote their products on different social media platforms and also as the name suggest media manager.

You will also be required to manage the comments and social media handles for the company.

Also you will be the handling the their social media community and will be helping the company in growing its community among youths, childrens or senior citizens and so on.

The company will demand you to also improve their selling efforts through different means such as shareable videos, images and hilarious GIFs.

Hourly earning:-

$16- $53

Websites to check:-

Upwork, People per Hour, Freelancer, Indeed.

2. Online Tutor

Well! Well! If you are a subject expert in any of the subjects like biology, English, Hindi, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, or any foreign language you can really serve the country by offering your services on online platforms.

There are many online coaches who on a daily basis recruit the tutors for their online classes.

Also after the corona currently the education system has relied on the online system only so it is a booming site for you to take on.

Most of the platforms do ask you for a bachelor’s degree in the concerned subject only.

Hourly earnings:-

$10- $25

Websites to check:-

Tutor.com, Vedantu, Unacademy, studyadda.com.

3. Fitness Trainer/ Expert

Corona has taught and made us aware of one more thing that is physical and mental fitness of yourself.

So if you are also one of those fitness freaks who can also assist others achieve their fitness goals you can apply for online apps or you can also start your own online application or maybe a youtube channel.

But we will suggest you to first go tor the online gyms and then for extra earnings, you can try on other things as well.

For this purpose you can reach your clients through skype/ zoom like video calling apps in groups as well as a personal one to one training sessions.

Hourly earnings:-

$ 21- $75

Websites to check:-

Fiverr, glassdoor.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you are someone with very basic skills and knowledge about other subjects or jobs and you are still finding a job that can take you up with your basic skills only then becoming a virtual assistant may be your cup of tea.

It is a job where you have to take calls or messages and reply to emails for a company. These are some of the simple office tasks which does not require any rocket science and skills.

These jobs are considered to be ideal for those who can manage a limited amount of time in their day for this job as in this job you don’t have to work a lot.

Hourly earnings:-

$15 – $30

Websites to check:-

Virtual assistant jobs, free up, onlinejobs.ph.

 5. Online Recruiter

Every time we think about a recruiter an image of those recruiters from 3 idiots interviewing Raju Rastogi comes to our mind as we always had thought that the recruiter’s job is something that needs to be done in.

Office settings only but our dear reader that’s not true for all the time. The time has now changed and with all major jobs getting switched to online, recruiters are also nowadays getting themselves busy online.

Yes, companies these days hire recruiters whose main job is to select the applicants for a particular post and select the potential applications.

They might also allow you to take personal interviews on phone calls or video calls so that you only recruit the best employees for the company.

Hourly earnings:-

$20 – $40

Websites to check:-

Career builder, Jooble.

 6. Email Marketer

As an Email marketer, your main job will be to reach the target audience through emails as you are supposed to grow the email list for the company hiring you.

You will be asked to run email marketing campaigns in order to promote the products of the company along with this.

You will be handling email databases and creating a newsletter that includes all major updates of the company for the target audience.

Hourly earnings:-

$30- $50

Websites to check:-

Linkedin, People per hour, Fiverr.

7. Freelance Writer

If writing is your cup of tea then you can go for this one job because it really allows you very flexible working hours and if you are good at writing you can take a lot of things together.

For this, you can send your articles to different websites, journals, online newspapers, bloggers, and many more.

You can either get paid on the basis of the article length or on the word count. This one is a really great job to have a look at because it is a very booming stream.

You can write on a lot of topics like fashion, lifestyle, health, food, technology, nature and poems or short stories and you will get paid for that too.

Hourly earnings:-

$20- $100

Websites to check:-

Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Internshala, Problogger.

8. Website Designer

We all have at least once got flattened on those eye-catching fleshy homepages of the companies and must have thought who is behind bringing this much beauty on a webpage.

So if you do have skills in designing web pages then there are plenty of companies ready to hire the best of your skills.

Some of the companies might test your skills by giving you a sample assignment of designing one or two web pages for them so that you can get an idea of your work.

They can either test you in WX, Adobe illustrator, or in CSS. After getting into website designing you can easily have good money.

Hourly earning:-

$25- $50

Websites to check:-

Indeed, Upwork, 99designer.

9. Instagram Influencer

If you are a teenager and also a huge follower/ user of Instagram then this one job is made for you.

As an Instagram Influencer, you will be asked to grow the reach of the company on Instagram.

In simpler words you have to promote their products on Instagram by creating cool Instagram stories/memes, running appropriate hashtags and catchy captions.

If you can do all these then there are a lot of companies waiting for people like you who can expand their Instagram reach.

Hourly earnings:-

$5- $65

Websites to check:-

Simply hired, Linkedin.

10. Graphic Designer

Well if you have the capability of designing graphics for the use in media products like labels, magazines, advertising, hoardings, etc.

Then you can go for these jobs you get fairly good jobs from companies for designing graphics for their products.

For graphic designing, there are companies who ask for higher skills but there are these small companies who also hire you on the basis of basic computer knowledge.

For this you must have knowledge of inserting layouts, logos, illustrations and images

Hourly earnings:-

$25- $50

Websites to check:-

Dribble, Upwork, Freelancer.

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So our dear readers these were some of the honest and legit recommendations for you to get yourself into this online world now it is up to your choices and skills which out of these 10 to choose and go ahead with.

In this article, we have tried to bring you all the possible online jobs that you can try in the upcoming year without getting yourself into any trouble and hardship.