Rick Ross Net Worth

The rap world and genre is widespread around us during these times, likewise are those famous rappers their fan followers too are growing to a great extent which is hard to count. Hence today, we are gonna make you all more close to the famous rapper Rick Ross his net worth’s and his brief life.

If rap is what you love the most, then obviously you won’t be bizarre about the name, Rick Ross who is quite multi-talented in many grounds. He is known to be one of the famous American rappers, songwriters, record executives, and entrepreneurs. His songs have always hit hard around these people who love raps and always hit the hit list.

Net Worth

Rick Ross Net Worth

His net worth, which is $40 million, can also be quite astonishing for everyone as he has already earned for his whole lifetime, within the age of 45. During his journey as a rapper, he has also earned the name of one of the 10- highest paid rappers in the world which was quite a growth for him.

Early Life

The past life of Rick Ross was quite far from being a rapper, as he was a correctional officer before stepping into the world of raps; during the year 1997, he resigned his job and stepped into the world of raps which was his passion.

His debut name was quite a distant one from Rick Ross which was William Leonard Roberts II; around during mid-2000’s he changed it into Rick Ross, which later on became a great vibe among those rap lovers.


His debut single, ‘hustlin’ was released in 2006 which ended up being a subject of a bidding war and also captured the hearts of many people. And his debut album Port of Miami was charted 1st in the billboard 200 album chart. And his second album also didn’t go down on the chart instead hit the best charts, it was trilla a grand hit, which also took first place among the billboard 200 album charts.

And Ross is the owner of the record label named Maybach music group which was found in 2009 and owns a huge list of best songs. Apart from raps, Ross has also gained a lot of fame and possessions, such as the title of the hottest mc in the game from MTV which was held around 2012. During 2010 Ross was entitled as the men of the year which was also a prized possession.

Personal Life

Moving onto Ross’s family life, he has 4 children named, Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts. And during around 2015 he was briefly engaged to Lira “galore” Mercer.

Real Estate

He owns a great mansion that stole the headlines during the year 2014 which is situated in Atlanta and costs 5.8 million dollars under the area of about 54,000 square feet.

Legal Issues

When moving onto Ross’s legal issues, he has faced issues related to drugs and guns mostly. And also has faced lawsuits from various other artists from the industry. Rick Ross has also appeared in the famous show Snoop and Martha potluck dinner party from vh1 in which he was paired with Martha Stewart.

Ross was once a shooting target too which brought in a lot of controversies, on January 27, 2013, when he was celebrating his 37th birthday with his girlfriend they were the targets of a drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Luckily, both Ross and his girlfriend managed to escape, but during the run of escape they ended up crashing their car into an apartment in an attempt to escape the shooting.

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And also another controversial thing that happened about Rick Ross was a comment he made during an interview around 2017, in which he said he never signed a female rapper because he felt that “I would end up f*cking [her] and f*cking the business up.” But afterward, he managed to apologize for his insensitive comment and called his comment a pure mistake.


Now we clearly know, how much a fantastic rapper Rick Ross is, how much is his net worth and a brief history about his life which we all wanted to know. But remember money isn’t the only thing we all have to crave for. “Money should only be a NEED, but not a WANT…”