Samuel L Jackson Net Worth

Samuel Leroy Jackson (born December 21, 1948) is a well-known American actor and producer, and also voice actor, whose net worth is estimated to be $250 million. He has appeared in over 150 movies (excluding the cameo appearances).

The actor charges from $10 million to $20 million for the lead role in any major production, because of his shrewd negotiations Samuel is able to make between $ 4 million and $ 6 million for his cameo appearances in movies.

He is one of the highest-earning actors with a huge contribution to the box office of $17 billion.

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Samuel Leroy Jackson Early Life

Elizabeth Harriett and Roy Henry Jackson gave birth to their only child on 21st December 1984 in Washington DC. He was raised and up by his mother and was not in touch with his father much.

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He attended multiple separate institutions to finally graduate from Riverside High School, Chattanooga. After this, he attended Morehouse College, Atlanta for majors in marine biology but there he discovered his interest in drama and acting and chanced his majors.

Samuel was charged with unlawful confinement for holding Morehouse College board members as hostages to demand change in curriculum, resulting in a two-year suspension from the college. In 1972 he eventually graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Drama.

Samuel Leroy Jackson Career

Samuel Discovered his interest in acting while pursuing graduation from Morehouse College, Atlanta. Before moving to New York in 1976 to pursue his acting career Jackson was part of various plays and short films.

In 1981, a splendid performance in “A Soldier’s Play”, introduced Spike Lee, who gave him small roles in his films. The time has hard for him and he got addicted to heroin and cocaine, making it into rehab and coming out clean.

The beginning of the 1990s gained him more recognition for his roles in films like ‘Patriot Games’, ‘Goodfellas’ and several others.

He had given his voice in many animated series like ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Turbo’ and ‘Star Wars. He had also been part of one of the greatest Marvel sequels – Avengers (Endgame, Infinity War, The Avengers).

Samuel Leroy Jackson Personal Life

Samuel married his college mate La Tanya Richardson, an actress, and producer. The couple gave birth to their first child in 1982 and named her Zoe. Samuel likes watching his own movies in cinemas and is also fond of collecting the portraits of the action figures he played in his films.

Samuel has a keen interest in sports too, he plays golf and is also interested in basketball and soccer. Samuel is a social worker too and works constantly to help the people.

He founded his own organization to help children’s education, and he also began a campaign with Prizeo to combat Alzheimer’s disease and raise money for it.

Jackson may trace part of his heritage back to the Benga people of Gabon, according to DNA tests, and he became a naturalized Gabonese citizen in 2019.

Samuel Leroy Jackson Real Estate

The superstar Jackson and his wife currently reside in a stunning mansion in Beverly Hills’ Beverly Park area. The house is about 11,739 square feet in size and is divided into 3 separate parts.

The main residing area, a separate garage, and pool/guest house are on the property. The cost of this house was $8.25 million, when they purchased it, back in 2000.

Jackson and his wife also owned property in San Fernando Valley of 4491 square feet. With the help of designer Cecil N Hayes, they transformed the house. The couple wanted their daughter to grow in a homey environment and found this estate to be the perfect place.

The pair then sold the house in June 2015 for $2812500.When we talk about real estate, we always talk about New York. Jackson and his wife owned a pretty 3000 square feet Upper East Side Condo.

They bought it back in 2005 for $4.8 million. The couple decided to sell the property and enlisted in the market for sale for $13 million.

Samuel Leroy Jackson Other Pursuits

Samuel is not just a great actor and a producer but he has also given his voice in many animated series, not just this, he is the voice behind the main antagonist in the game GTA- San Andreas. He also voiced the audiobook version of the bible, “The Bible Experience”.

Jackson’s most significant endorsement agreement is with Capital One, which earns him an annual salary of $8 million. He’s also appeared in advertisements for big brands like Adidas, Apple, and Brioni.

In June 2016- 2017, he made $30 million from his many ventures, making him one of the highest-paid actors of all time.

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Samuel has a become who sought of no introduction. With a net worth of around $250 million dollars, Samuel stands at 13th position under the category ‘100 Highest paid actor’ as in 2020.According to the reports of Guinness World Record he the highest-grossing actor with over $7.9 billion in 68 films.