13 Places to Sell Used DVDs and CDs

There was a time when people collected DVDs from their favorite movies and TV shows. Having a large DVD collection was considered a huge flex.

But with ever-evolving technology, all our favorite movies, and TV shows are available on OTT (over the top) platforms. They can be easily downloaded and saved on our electronic devices.

Now only die-hard fans of some particular movie or TV show possess DVDs. Netflix, Prime video, and all the other sites have taken over DVDs.

Make Money

Because they are not only easily available at the comforts of our houses but are also faster.In case you are in urgent need of some extra cash you can sell them for cash.

According to a 2019 report by CNBC, the DVD sales dropped from $16.3 billion to $2.2 billion between 2005 and 2018.

To get good prices for your unique and authentic DVD collection there are some things that you must do and keep in mind:

  • Conduct thorough online research and check the current value from online marketplaces.
  • Let the buyer pay the shipping charges.
  • If there are some issues with your DVD stash, be open and true about it, always make a fair deal and never hide anything from your customer.
  • Old DVDs are considered antique and precious. Keeping them in good shape can earn you higher prices.

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13 Places to Sell Used DVDs & CDs For Extra Cash (2022 Update)

Here they are –

1. Declutter

Declutter is the best place to sell your DVD stash at the right and high prices. Its users is that you can also sell your old textbooks and gaming CDs along with Blu-Ray and DVDs.

A recent and amazing update of Declutter has made it even more famous. You can now sell mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles at exceptionally good rates.

This will fetch you more money. The company also has an iOS and Android app which makes it more accessible to its users.

Declutter is very simple to use and requires you to only scan the barcode of the item you wish to sell.

The app or the website, whichever you are using will instantly quote you the selling price of your item.

The company transfers the money for your item to your PayPal account. You will only get paid if you agree to the price and the terms and conditions.

The payment process is quite fast and the money gets transferred to your account the next day. The company does not ask you to pay the shipping charges.

2. Music Magpie

It is one of the most prominent websites used in the UK for selling old electronic items.

Along with the deals on DVDs, CDs, games and Blu-Rays, you can also sell old books on this website. You can also send your tech items here.

This website is also known for providing the fairest payment for smartphones and other items.

The company also has an iOS and Android mobile application for its users which makes it very easy for people to sell their products. this website also functions with barcodes.

You have to scan the barcode on the product you wish to sell and the website will tell you the available selling price for your product.

There is one condition to sell your products on this website. Your product should have a minimum value of five bucks.

Only then does your product qualify as a product worth selling.The payment mode of the company is through bank transfers and cheques.

3. Bonavendi

Bonavendi is a little different from the above given two websites. The selling technique of Bonavendi is by comparing the prices of the products from twenty different websites.

Then it provides you with the best price for your product. The analysing technique of this website is pretty impressive.

It then connects you with the vendor directly and you can complete the transaction if you are satisfied with the deal and prices.You can sell your product on this website using two ways:

  • You can either enter the 12-digit barcode on your product.
  • Or you can download the mobile application of Bonavendi and scan the barcode directly.

If you like the deal and are happy with the price you are receiving for your product, you can go ahead and seal the deal.

This deal will be direct with the buyer and you can then discuss the payment method and shipping procedure.

4. Sell DVDs Online

The name of the website is pretty expressive about what service this website provides. The website is specially designed to sell DVDs but you can also sell Blu-Rays and CDs too on this website.

The only way to get high and good prices for your product is by keeping them in the best condition. The current version of the website allows you to sell movies, music, and games.

Here also you have to scan the barcode of your product and the website will show you the appropriate price for your product.

Once you have accepted the terms and price for your product, you will need to ship your product to the company.

The amount will be transferred to either your bank account or your PayPal account within three business days.

5. Ziffilt

Ziffit is another site that works on the barcode scanning system. If you have a stash of old DVDs which you don’t use anymore. It’s time to sell them and get your hands on some extra cash.

Here too you can use two ways to scan the barcode of your item:

  • Through the website directly
  • Through the mobile application

If you accept the price the will website quote and finalise the deal, you will need to send the item.Once your product reaches the company, your payment will be processed.

6. CeX

CeX is another unique website that lets you sell almost any electronic item. Be it DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles, mobile phones.

Like all of its competitor websites, CeX also uses the barcode scanning system. You can either scan the barcode on your item or can enter the 12 digits unique barcode number manually.

After you agree to the price and the conditions of the deal, the product needs to be shipped to the company.

Lastly, after receiving the product, the company will either transfer the money to your bank account or your PayPal account.

7.  Craigslist

We are pretty sure a good amount of people must be aware of Craigslist beforehand. But Craigslist provides services locally only.

The price of your item depends on you, i.e., you quote the price you wish to sell your product directly on the website.

Another unique feature of this website is that it allows you to directly ship the product to the customer.

You need to sign-up for the website, which is free of cost. Next, you need to upload good-quality pictures of your DVDs and CDs. Lastly, you need to submit and list them on the website.

While the website allows you to quote the prices of your choice, you must keep in mind that you should be ready to bargain a little if needed.

8. Amazon

If you are selling a product online, it is impossible to mention one of the best and most trusted websites, Amazon. Amazon allows you to sell your DVDs and CDs in two ways:

  • You can sell your product to the buyback vendors listed on the website. The condition here is that your product should be as good as a new one. Only then will you get the original price for your product. Any damage will fetch you lower prices.
  • There is a unique trade-in option on the website. This option allows you to sell your old products and buy newer ones. But there is one disadvantage if you use this option. You will get lower prices through this option. The advantage of this option is that the money will get transferred to you instantly.

You should check-out Amazon if you want to sell your old DVDs and CDs.

9. GameStop

This site is very similar to Amazon and specializes in DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, and computer games. This website gives some of the best prices for old items.

And the best part is it is not only limited to an online store. There are local retail stores too in some countries where you can sell your items.

You either get paid through a PayPal account or an in-store balance which can be used to purchase other items in the store.

10. eBay

eBay is another site that lets you sell your old products online. It is not just limited to DVDs or CDs. You can sell almost anything on this website. eBay quotes some of the best market rates among all its other competitors.

If you have some retro collection of movies and games, you will get paid much more. Create an account, get approved, and list your items. That’s all you need to do to sell your products.

11. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has recently taken the initiative to promote small businesses and has given its users the option to sell almost anything online.

It has specially created a separate section called “Facebook Marketplace” where you can sell anything. The only requirement is a Facebook account.

Click pictures of your product, upload them, list them and add a suitable description. Don’t forget to quote the price you wish to earn through your product and be ready to bargain a little.

12. Pawn Shops

Before all these sites existed, Pawn Shops were the only places where you could sell your old DVDs, CDs or any other thing.

There’s no hassle of scanning or listing your products. The only requirement is good bargaining skills.

Make sure to check the current price of your product online and in your local market. Judge the correct price for your product and decide on a suitable price before visiting the pawnshop.

13. Have Yard Scale

You must have seen people sitting with placards in their yards to sell something. This is exactly what this is about. You can put up posters of the products you want to sell in a nearby community centre.

Also, it is advisable is you have an entire stash of DVDs and CDs and not just one or two items. It has been noted that Yard Scale fetches you higher prices than an online sale.

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Here you go with a complete list of methods you can use to sell your old DVDs and CDs. This is a good way of earning some extra cash if you don’t use them.