‘Tony Robbins Net Worth’ Age, Height, Personal Life, Family, And Career Highlights

Tony Robbins born on February 29, 1960, as Anthony J. Mahavoric, in Los Angeles, California, US is known for his motivational speaking and is also one of the #1 New York Times best-selling authors.

He is also a celebrity couch and a philanthropist. He is the author of many popular self-help books including Money Master the Game: 7 simple steps to financial freedom (published in 2004) and ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ (published in 1991).

Net Worth

He is famous for his seminars which are organized through Robbins Research International. For more details about his past or future events, you can check out his website https://www.tonyrobbins.com/.

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Net Worth of Tony Robbins

Net worth of Tony Robbins as of 2021 is roughly around $600 million. Tony Robbins is the best and one of the well-known faces in his field of motivational speaking. Through his hard work, dedication, and success of his several books, seminars, and podcasts he has grown his empire tremendously.

He has also appeared in some shows and movies including cameos in The Cable Guy and Shallow Hal, he has also appeared in The Roseanne Show and in the documentary The Singularity is Near: A True Story about Future”.

Tony Robbins Early Life

He was born on February 29, 1960 in LA, California in a middle working-class family, who always had to struggle for money. His parents got separated when he was only 7, and later when he was 12, his mother married Jim Robbins, a former baseball player who then adopted him.

He was the eldest among his siblings. He took handyman jobs to help his family. During his high school, he grew 10 inches due to a pituitary tumor.

His childhood was chaotic and full of abuse, he had shared instances of which later through his seminars. At 17 he decided to leave the house and never returned. He then worked as a janitor and did not attend college.

Tony Robbins Career

At 17 Tony started organizing and promoting seminars for a motivational speaker, Jim Rohn. After few years in the 1980s, he got partnered with the co-founder of neuro-linguistic programming, John Grinder.

He then subsequently learned firewalk and then included it in his seminars. During one of his interviews, he shared that he made $40,000 in 1984 and his first million in 1985.

He released his first infomercial under his self-help program named “Personal Power” supported and produced by Guthy Renker, in 1988.

This became extremely successful and millions of copies were sold. Later on, in 1997 he launched his own Leadership Academy seminar.

After that, he co-founded Robbins-Madanes Centre for intervention with Cloe Madanes. In 2014, he acquired the rights to launch Los Angeles Football Club.

In 2016, he purchased eSports professional gaming organization, “Team Liquid” that later in 2017 won The International 7 and Dota 2 tournament.

After that, he got a chance to work with many famous personalities such as Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Pitbull, and many others.

In 2007, he was ranked on “Forbes Celebrity 100”. He was named among one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals” by Accenture and under “Top 200 Business Gurus” by the Harvard Business Press. His methods had been criticized by many but his following is much more.

Tony Robbins Personal Life

Tony Robbins married Rebecca Becky Jenkins, a fellow philanthropist in 1984. Rebecca was already divorced and had three children when she met Robbins. They got married and Robbins adopted her children but had no children of them together.

He had a son, Jairek Robbins with his former girlfriend Liz Acosta in 1984 itself, Jairek is also a personal and self help coach and trainer.

Robbins and Jenkins got separated in 1998. In October 2001 Robbins married Bonnie Sage in his resort in Fiji and they live in Manalapan, Florida.

Tony Robbins Philanthropy

Tony Robbins, from the start of his career by self-help programs to his donations for the Feeding America project. He has always believed in philanthropy. He founded Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1991; with intend to help the youth, the homeless, the hungry, and all in need.

For his Feeding America project, he had donated profits of his books, Money: Master the Game and from Unshakable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook, to feed those in need. Through this project, he had contributed to providing over 100 million meals.

He also works with Spring Health, a water company with the purpose of providing fresh drinking water to small, underdeveloped villages in India.

Robbins had also helped in raising the funds for a non-profit organization named Operation Underground Railroad, which works with the government to fight against child slavery and trafficking.

Tony Robbins Real Estate

Currently, Tony lives in $25 million lavish mansions in Manalapan, Florida with his family. The mansion has a 57-degree plunge pool, lakeside dock, and beautiful rooms having ocean views. In addition to this mansion, he also has other real estate properties worth millions.

One in Sun Valley and another one in a small town outside of British Columbia, Canada are two properties that he often visits for vacations. He also has a resort in Fiji named Namale which is worth $50 million.

Along with these he also owns a private jet, which is estimated to worth around $50.4 million, and a soccer team and a stadium in LA.

Tony Robbins Early Life and Background

Born on February 29, 1960, in North Hollywood, California, Tony Robbins is [63 years old as of 2023]. He stands at an imposing height of 6 feet 7 inches. Raised in a humble environment by his mother, Nikki Robbins, Tony faced several challenges in his early years, which shaped his future endeavors.

Tony Robbins Educational Journey

Robbins’s formal education did not follow a traditional path. He did not attend college, instead diving into the world of personal development and motivational speaking at a young age.

Tony Robbins Career as a Motivational Speaker and Author

Tony Robbins gained prominence in the 1980s with his infomercials and self-help books. His most notable works include “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within.”

These books, along with his seminars like “Unleash the Power Within” and “Date With Destiny,” have established Robbins as a leading figure in the self-help industry.

Tony Robbins Personal Life: Relationships and Family

Tony Robbins has been married twice. His first marriage was to Rebecca “Becky” Jenkins. He later married Sage Robbins.

Tony has children from his first marriage and considers the children from his wife’s previous relationship as his own. His family life, though kept relatively private, is occasionally shared in his talks and seminars.

Tony Robbins Philanthropy and Business Ventures

Beyond his work in personal development, Robbins is involved in various businesses and philanthropic efforts. He is known for his commitment to feeding the hungry and his contributions to various charitable causes.

Tony Robbins Real Estate and Lifestyle

Reflecting his success, Robbins owns a luxurious resort in Fiji and properties in the United States. His real estate investments mirror his achievements and lifestyle as a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Tony Robbins Awards and Recognition

Tony Robbins has received various awards and honors for his contributions to the self-help industry and his philanthropic efforts. These accolades highlight his impact on the field of personal development.

Tony Robbins Social Media and Digital Presence

Robbins maintains a robust presence on social media, including platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. He uses these platforms to share motivational content, interact with his audience, and promote his events and products.

Tony Robbins Mentors and Influences

Tony Robbins was influenced and mentored by several figures in the field of personal development, including Jim Rohn, a renowned motivational speaker and author, who Robbins worked for in his early career.

Tony Robbins Professional Background

While Tony Robbins is not a licensed psychologist or therapist, his work in the field of personal development is based on a range of principles from psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and peak performance strategies.

The Essence of Robbins’s Fame

Tony Robbins’s fame can be attributed to his dynamic public speaking skills, practical self-help advice, and ability to connect with a wide audience. His seminars and books have made him a household name in the field of personal development.

Tony Robbins Current Endeavors

As of 2023, Tony Robbins continues to conduct seminars, publish books, and engage in various business and philanthropic activities. He remains a prominent figure in the field of motivational speaking and personal development.

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Overall if we look at Robbin’s net worth, it is clearly about $600 million. From earning $40 a week to earning not less than a million-dollar per year, this is what success looks like. He had earned a large part of his worth by his books, seminars, private and public sessions all on self-help and motivation.

He also owns a number and variety of businesses ranging from education, hospitality to providing business services and media production. According to Inc. The newsletter, at present Robbins, owns around 31 companies.