U.S. Blacklists Dozens of Chinese Tech Firms Citing National Security Concerns

The United States had been on high alert with their trade for quite some time. We see that in a recent turn of events, the United States had gone ahead and added some of the Chinese tech firms to their blacklist for trade.

This means that they are not going to trade with these Chinese Companies anymore. They have cited the reason as National security and something of a problem in their foreign policy and a threat to it. They have been pretty about it as far as we can tell.

U.S. Blacklists Dozens of Chinese Tech Firms Citing National Security Concerns

However, this does seem to be straining the relationship between the two countries in the United States as well as that of China as well. It is indeed something to think about and maybe pay some close attention to.

The United States current President Joe Biden, along with his administration team, had added around 8 of such tech firms to their blacklist because, according to what the government had been saying, these firms were responsible and they were helping the Chinese military to get info about some of the US-origin items that had been in the sense of the military matters.

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To put it in simple terms they have been spying and trying to pass on the info to the Chinese military about the technological developments that the United States has achieved in terms of military and defense. This is what the government is telling. This is the reason that they have given behind the actions of blacklisting the companies.

This is not something new of a claim as the United States has been complaining about this for a long period of time, saying that the trade Companies of China also provide sensitive info to the government of China in order to give away secrets about the United States.

It is really an accusation that had been given to these companies for quite some time. Now they just have decided to do something about it. We will refrain from commenting on the validity of all the accusations, but we hope that this won’t create any further problems between the two nations. That is all for now.