Wikibuy Review 2023

Wikibuy has nowadays become the most essential tool for those searching out different products online.

It is a digital coupon company that assists you to find products at its least cost. If you are a frequent online shopper then you must have gone through this tough task of finding the product of your choice.

you also would have searched if any of the sites are giving you coupon codes and cash backs for your product so as to get the maximum discount on your favorite product.


All this process is really very succumbing and boring as you have to hawl from one website to other for finding the best deal for your product.

Wikibuy is there to help and assist you through its features which involve searching out the best deal for the product with a list of all the possible coupon codes.

And cashback offers available for the product so that you get the maximum discount with least hard work.

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What is Wikibuy?

Well, many of you must not know what Wikibuy is all about, so in this article, we will be making it easier for you to understand. Wikibuy is an Austin startup owned by Capital One since 2018.

In simpler words, Wikibuy will help you in finding the lowest price on different websites and apps for your desired products.

With the help of its browser extension and digital store when you simply search for the price of a product.

Wikibuy will compare and check the pricing of your product on different websites and will show you the availability of the product at its least cost.

Also, its browser extension is developed in such a manner that it also checks all the potential promo codes available on different making it, even more, easier for you to choose the best deal for your desired product.

One more thing that Wikibuy offers you is Wikibuy credits from online merchants that are participating in the product.

So in this way, Wikibuy offers you all the features that will make your product browsing and shopping as clean as butter without any extra effort from your side.

How Much Does Wikibuy Cost?

Well, you will be happy to know that Wikibuy doesn’t charge a single penny from its customers.

But! When it comes to comparing mobile phone prices you will be charged for standard texts and messages.

 Is Wikibuy Secure?

Capital one bank which owns Wikibuy is a secure financial institution but still, the browser extension is only as safe as the browser that you are currently using.

Wikibuy’s extension not simply views the web pages opened by you but it also interacts with the data of that particular website.

Along with data reading of the web pages visited by you, Wikibuy monitors all the purchases made by the customer, and also it sees all the promo codes used by its customers.

Well, Wikibuy also does sell its aggregated data to third parties and of course, that is all you expect out of a free service.

What Features Does Wikibuy Have?

One of the specialties of Wikibuy is that it offers a lot of features that make it really easy for them.

Its customers to choose the best product with the least and most promising cost. The following features are the very essence of this app/website:-

  • Mobile price comparison.
  • Wikibuy universal product search.
  • Featured offers.
  • Trending deals.
  • Price drop alerts/ Watch list
  • Wikibuy credits.
  • Coupon codes.

1. Mobile Price Comparison

A great feature that is unfortunately available for only products and not on products of all the online shopping websites.

This allows the customer to buy their products through their mobile phone, the only thing that the customer has to do is text the product link to Wikibuy, and Wikibuy will revert back to you with the lowest price of your favorite product.

An easy way to communicate with Wikibuy with standard text and messaging charges applied.

2. Wikibuy Universal Product Search

Ongoing to the homepage of Wikibuy’s website you will see a search bar at the top of the page, where you can simply search by the name of a particular product or store.

Wikibuy will show you an item list and coupon and savings on that specific product so as to make sure that you pay the least for that product.

3. Featured Offers

Wikibuy has a slide show format where you just have to scroll down all the deals of the day.

4. Trending Deals

Wikibuy gives you a trending offers list which gives you limited-time discounts and cash backs. These discounts are based on featured online merchants and not on specific products.

5. Price Drop Alerts

If you have seen a product online and you want to save that deal for some future purchase you can simply save them in Wikibuy’s watchlist and can, later on, purchase them.

6. Wikibuy

Wikibuy offers you credits through two means:-

The first one involves the browser extension, every time you do a qualifying purchase some of the credits will be credited to your Wikibuy profile.

For the second one you have to link a debit or credit card to Wikibuy and whenever you use that card for a purchase at some specific in personal retailers and you will receive credits by doing so.

7. Coupon

Once you have downloaded the main browser extension you will have access to hundreds of coupon codes.

Wikibuy takes a look at hundreds of coupon codes available through participating retailers.  A list of participating retailers is available at Wikibuy’s official site.

Who is Wikibuy Best For?

If you are also one of those who want to take the experience of digital coupons offline and you are a frequent online shopper.

This site is the best you can get. Also if you are an customer then you should try Wikibuy.

Who Should skip Wikibuy?

Well, it is quite obvious that if you are not a frequent online shopper then this site does not have much for you to offer.

Also if you are an occasional shopper then also it is good for you to use as it allows you to get coupon codes and the best discounts for the product.

One more thing that you should note here is that Wikibuy does sell its data to third parties so if you don’t want your personal data to be shared with someone then you should not go for this site.

It will be better for you to choose one of the competitor sites of Wikibuy. Wikibuy does not provide its services out of the UK so if you belong to somewhere outside the UK you will not be served.

How Does Wikibuy Make Money?

One of the chief ways in which Wikibuy makes money is by selling the aggregated data to third parties.

Also as Wikibuy is free of cost for the customers it does take a commission from retailers whenever any customer uses their coupon code.

How to Get Started With Wikibuy? 

It is absolutely easy to set up either browser extension or application for the same.

If you want to add a browser extension then choose from the following page:-


Microsoft edge.

For the mobile application download from these stored based on your convenience:-

After downloading either browser extension or mobile app you can simply visit the site or app and create your Wikibuy profile to get started.

Once you are done with your account you are all set to browse for the products and deals.

Should You Download Wikibuy?

Well honestly, there are only a few things about this site that will back you up before getting into it but if you are ready to take upon those things.

You really must check this one out because this site really has a lot to offer you in terms of best of the deals, discounts and credits and coupon codes.

Who will not enjoy getting this many services that are too free of cost? With innovation and ideas getting puffed every day, every minute.

There are new apps and services being developed in every breath but till you find a service and app better than Wikibuy, you must stick to Wikibuy to get yourself fulfilled.

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So with a wrap, this was an honest review about Wikibuy and its services. We hope that this article will prove to be beneficial to you and after reading this article a lot more things would have gotten

cleared in your head about this application. At the end of the day, it is all up to you to get started with Wikibuy.

Or to choose one from its competitors as you can always have a look at other sites also in order to have a better comparison between the two.