‘Nick Cannon Net Worth’ Age, Height, Personal Life, Family, And Career Highlights

Hollywood movies are quite popular among the youths today. It produces thousands of quality content every year in a variety of genres. Hollywood spends an enormous amount of money on movies and artist working in such movies.

This is because, Hollywood cinematics has a great influence on people, especially the younger generation. They get highly electrified and excited after seeing their favourite actors and actresses featuring in movies.

Net Worth

Their popularity and fan following gradually get increased on social media and other such platforms. The improvement in the quality of videography and contribution of visual effects has also added values to Hollywood movies.

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Iconic action scenes and moves, deep storyline, spectacular acting and stunts are considered highly admirable. Many Hollywood movies such as Avengers, Avatar, Inception etc. are some of the common examples of the gems produced by this industry.

With such movies comes the star cast of that film. There are a very large number of actors and actresses who have a very large fan following on the internet around the world. Their exceptional acting and extraordinary personality impress all actors and actresses in this industry do not come from noble families.

There are so many people involved in this industry who struggled a lot during their early days. But their unprecedented approach, talent and extraordinary acting won the hearts of a large number of people.

Dwayne Johnson, Huge Jackman, Tom Cruise, Robert Dowrey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth are some of the most popular names of actors who have the most successful career in this industry.

Their net worth is in million dollars Another most prominent personality whose name in this industry is “Nick Canon”.

Nick Canon is an American actor, Rapper, Comedian, and a great TV personality who featured in many Hollywood movies. Some of his popular works include On television: All that, Wild’n Out, America’s Got talent. In movies: Drumline, Roll Bounce, Love don’t cost a thing.

Nick Canon Net Worth

Nick Canon came into popularity through television. His success on television helped him to explore opportunities in movies.

Throughout his life, he worked hard and made his impression not only in Hollywood movies but also in radio and entrepreneurship. Today his net worth is approximately 30 million dollars. He is an influential figure today.

Nick Cannon Early Life

Nick Canon was born on 8th October 1980 in San Diego. As a child, Nick was pampered raised by his grandfather. Nick spent his childhood in Lincoln Park’s Bay Vista Housing Project.

He grew up with Lincoln Park’s Bloods street gang boys and used to kill a lot of time with them during his teenage years. He left that group after some time, due to personnel reasons.

It was later confirmed that he lost a close friend in a fight among the boys, which lead him to take the decision. Canon started his career as a stand-up comedian at the age of 8. At the age of 11, he featured on his father’s local cable television show.

He grew into popularity since then. Nick completed his studies at Monte Vista High school in the year 1998.

After graduation, Canon decides to try his luck in Hollywood. He gave several stand up shows at places like The Laugh Factory, The Improv and The Comedy Store.

Canon’s first-ever break was his television debut on Nickelodeon. It was a sketch comedy show, named “All That” in the mid-90s. Canon also made his music debut through his raps in his teenage days. He worked with Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad, with other popular acts like LFO, 98 Degrees, Montell Jordon and Will Smith.

Nick Cannon Personal Life

Canon married American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey in the year 2008. They got married in Mariah’s private estate on Windermere Island, Bahamas. They gave birth to twins and named them Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

But unfortunately, their marriage broke in the year 2016. Though they got separated in the year 2014 but got officially divorced in the year 2016. As a part of divorce proceedings, it was found that at the time of their marriage, Maria’s net worth was $150 million and that of Canon was not more than $500000.

In the year2014, Mariah earned around $6.3 million and Canon about $2.7 million. Their eventual settlement was never disclosed to the media. but through other sources, it was found that Nick was given a Ferrari in 2012 and was forced to pay $5000 per month to a trust named after their kids.

After their divorce, they sold their home which was in LA’s Bel Air neighbourhood for $9 million. This house was purchased in the year 2007 for $7 million. The previous owner sold that house for $2.7 million after living there for almost 20 years.

In the year 2017, Canon became Dad again with the American Model Brittany Bel and named their son “Sagon” Canon.

Later Canon took admission to Howard University in the year 2017 and graduated in the year 2020 with the degree of bachelor’s in criminology/ Administration of Justice.

Nick Cannon Activism

Canon formed a charity in the year 2011 and named it as “Nicolas Scott Canon Foundation”. The purpose of this organization is to encourage youths to engage in their passion and contribute to the community.

By 2021, Canon is also a part of the National Association of Letter Carriers’ annual food drive. He is the celebrity spokesperson of that organization.

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The life of celebrities looks quite lavish and impresses the people a lot. But there is also a dark side to this life. Their life is full of ups and downs and controversies. They also had to face hatred and criticism.

Even though their fans are always there for them to cheer them up and motivates them, yet some battles cannot be fought with motivation and money.

Even a tiny step can ruin their entire career. They also have a great risk of losing all their money. Even though this industry pays a person so high, but within seconds they can lose everything if they lose their popularity.