Shanghai Disneyland Suspends Entry on Halloween

Shanghai Disneyland had pulled a thing over the head of the visitors and this had caused a lot of problems and a lot of broken hearts too. Now on Halloween when all the people come out to celebrate the festivities it is rather disappointing when your plan to go to Disneyland to enjoy the spooky vibe gets flushed down the drains.

This is exactly what happened to a lot of people who were excited to go to Disneyland in Shanghai. The officials suspended the entry of the people and asked the people to get Covid 19 tests done just hours before Halloween.

Shanghai Disneyland suspends entry on Halloween, parkgoers required to take Covid tests to exit

The resort operator who had told and announced this new turn of events had cited cooperation with “pandemic investigation in other provinces and cities” and in the announcement that was made on the temporarily suspending entry which also included the stopping of all the operations for some of the attractions.

“Outdoor entertainment will continue as scheduled,” the company had gone ahead and they had said this in a statement which had been recorded and time-stamped at 6:05 p.m on the Sunday on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

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Now we know that Mainland China has reported new cases of Covid 19 and a few emerging pockets out of it too. However, the sudden turn of events did shock a lot of people since there had been no indication prior to this anything like this happening.

This is truly something out of the blue in the very literal sense of the term. They will be resuming the rides and the activities soon enough but this is going to hurt a lot of people who had already plans to visit the place.

So in spite of all this may be the situation will be brought under control by the management team and the authorities. Covid 19 is no joke and we hope that it does not spread far and wide in Mainland China. That is all for now. We will surely keep you updated on the news. So make you do check the news at regular intervals.