Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist

Online shopping has now become the most favored way of buying and selling one’s stuff. There are sites like craigslist which are most liked by people.

This website allows one to freely sell their products without charging a single penny from its users, also selling products over this website is like a cakewalk.

Everyone can easily have access to it and start their business out which makes craigslist one of the most favored sites for users.



Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist

But there are people who want to explore different things out, they want to have a good look over options available other than this one site also.

If you are also one of those people who want to check out some alternatives or want to know what other sites have to offer you then this article is for you only.

In this article, we will be telling you about sites other than craigslist where you can take a look at your online shopping. So, here are sites that will be helping you out:-

1. Facebook Marketplace

Many of you will be thinking that how can facebook serve as a site for online shopping, well! Well!

Facebook is a great place to buy or sell your products because it is the most widely used site for sharing their feelings, moments, and thoughts.

So along with sharing some posts you can also share your product details and can connect to millions of people.

Facebook also consists of groups where you can search for specific keywords related to different products.

Also, check out the rules and regulations of the particular groups before buying or selling the products. selling is quite safe and free on Facebook.

2. Swappa

Well if you are looking for selling or buying electronic gadgets then this site has a lot to offer you, this one site is particularly made to assist you with electronic related stuff only. Some products that you can watch on are:-

  • Cell phones
  • Cameras
  • Watches
  • Tablets
  • Thermostats
  • Voice assistants
  • Video games
  • Streaming devices

It is absolutely free to sell on Swappa you will not need to pay anything to sell your products on this website but if you are a buyer then you will have to pay a small amount of allowance.

But this money is also refundable when a buyer doesn’t find the product satisfying. So in this way Swappa makes sures that both the seller and buyer are happy and business runs out smoothly.

3. Recycler

 Buying pets, renting your house, finding a home sweet home for yourself, or selling your old car are some of the most difficult tasks that one faces in their life.

Recycler was earlier a local newspaper in southern parts of California and earned the title of a national market place in 2010.

You can also post your listed bought or sold items on Facebook and Twitter to reach a more pronounced audience.

4. Oodle

This website helps you out in a bit of a different way.On other sites you see listed items that are being posted by the seller on that site only while on oodle.

You find some products that are originally listed on some other sites as well, by doing so they are able to expand their listings.

For instance you will find cars listed on other sites as well as cars originally listed on oodle by its members also. Oodle also helps you out in buying or selling antique pieces.

5. Bookoo

 Here this website gives you an option to create a personal profile with a small description of the items listed by you earlier.

You can also add a profile picture to your profile with a small bio. It is a family-friendly website with a live chat support and easy to use system.

6. Geebo

This particular site provides you with ” safe trade” transactions. Now many of you might not know about “safe trade”, safe trade occurs when buyers and sellers meet at a local police station.

When you want to buy or sell heavy equipment, merchandise, real estate, and services you must check out this site. In comparison to other online sites this one site is a much safer choice

7. Hoobly

When it comes to Hoobly you will get a similar vibe as on craigslist one can sell or buy almost every type of item they want over this website.

It is absolutely free of cost to buy or sell on this website also if you are looking to buy pet animals then you will find plenty of listings for this one category.

8. Pennysaver USA

It is a community periodical in North America which advertises for sale. Here you will get classified ads which are grouped in different categories to make it a bit easier for users.

9. Ads Globe

This one is also a newspaper with classified ads services. With access to post unlimited amounts of ads on rentals, pets, real estate, travels, autos. You can also advertise your business events and services.


If you live in a big city you will find it a lot easier to use this one site. With the availability of almost every item, it is free to use.

With a short and simple layout this one will remind you of sorted and classified ads you see in newspapers with an exception of pictures.

Classified is more pronounced at bigger cities but it also has boards present at some of the small states as well.

11. US Free ads

This site has categories like dogs, horses, houses as one of the most popular listings. On other sites.

You are not required to pay a single penny for posting your product but here you will be able to list only two products at once for free.

This site gives you paid membership which are grouped like gold membership and premium membership.

In gold membership, you are supposed to pay $10 per year for about 25 ads. And in the premium membership, you will have to pay $9.99 per month for access to unlimited ads. For buying all you need is a free membership.

12. Mercari

 It is an online shopping app where you can sell or buy anything you want to. Here you can only sell shippable items which means there is no one-to-one meetups.

While listing is free on Mercari but if someone buys your listed product you will have to pay 10% fee. One can also print out a prepaid shipping label.

Mercari has its own rating system which means when someone buys your product you will have to rate them using this system and buyers also rate you once they get their product.

This rating system is really useful for good customer seller feedback. With the help of ratings, you get a clear idea about with whom you can do your business, and also it gives you clarity about the people that are doing business.

13. eBay

Most of the sales from this website are delivered through the mail but they also have local ports to deliver bulky items.

One thing to note here is that eBay charges you for listing and selling most of your products.

To compensate for this loss you can do one thing that is to sell your products at a higher price so that it covers up your selling and listing fees.

14. Trovit

Trovit is a well-organized site which makes it really very easy to use. It is a sorted search engine and is ideal for buying stuff.

Over Trovit, you can search for a wider category of items such as homes, cars, and jobs.

Here you simply have to choose your country first and then search for your desired product in your area. There might happen that not all the

listings are available all the time in all the areas so you will have to keep a close watch over it in order to search for products in listings of your area.

This creates one more problem, this might happen that you do not find a car, home, or job near your residence.

15. Locanto

Locanto is currently serving for almost 60 countries. Major cities in the USA have Locanto boards.

For national retailers the site offers paid ads which means that all listings available on the website are not local.

While posting ads on a city board of Locanto is free but still stretches your ads to other cities as well by paying a bit of extra penny.

They also charge you if you want to remove third-party ads from your listings. Also if you want to take your ads on the top of the buyer’s search result then also you can pay some extra money.

All in all it is a good website which also charges you for providing some of the advanced features.


Craigslist is one of the most popularly website which has helped a long list of people to get rid of their old items and buy some of the best items in the best price and condition.

Even after being so popular the site might have certain flaws such as security concerns or it might happen that your products are simply not getting sold there.

And you want to explore something else so as to expand your business, due to which you might not find craigslist a cup of your tea.

So these sites are some of the best websites you can check out in order to have an alternative to Craigslist.

Some of the sites will help you buy or sell locally while others will help you reach a wider audience, it is just that you will have to give some of these sites a try to see which one suits you the most.

So next time whenever you want to do shopping just go through one of these suggested sites.

We hope that this article must have helped you out to find your best alternative for craigslist and you will definitely enjoy checking out other sites.