PrizeRebel Review and Features

This is the right place for you if you are looking for quick ways to earn money. Honestly, there are many ways for earning money in a short time.

Sometimes the payment is good and sometimes we don’t get paid well for the job. People working in full-time jobs also look for other part-time jobs that can pay them well. These kinds of side part-time jobs are called side hustling. Today we are going to talk about PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel is actually a site that gives you rewards for completing certain tasks. Completing certain points of rewards allows you to redeem them into cash money or into gift cards.


So actually PrizeRebel is a good way to earn quick money. So we will talk about what PrizeRebel is and how much money you can make and its features. We will also present how you can make money and ways to redeem them. So keep reading ahead PrizeRebel Review for all details.

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What is PrizeRebel?

As said earlier, PrizeRebel is a site that pays you for completing certain tasks. It doesn’t give you money instead it gives you rewards points.

You can later convert these rewards points into cash money or gift cards. PrizeRebel is legitimate and you can trust it. You can earn up to $10 per hour. You can earn rewards points by completing certain tasks, completing paid surveys, and taking part in different contests, etc.

PrizeRebel was started in 2007. You will be glad to know that more than $22 million are earned by PrizeRebel members. Now let’s know about how PrizeRebel makes money.

How Does PrizeRebel Make Money?

You know now that you can earn money easily by completing certain tasks on PrizeRebel. You may be thinking now how PrizeRebel actually makes money by giving it out to members. So the answer to this is very simple.

Most of the companies want feedback for their products, etc. Fedbacks will help the companies to improve their products or services. Hence their business will expand and grow in the right direction. Hence each and every feedback becomes important.

Now, these companies pay marketing research companies for getting feedback. So now these Marketing research companies pay sites like PrizeRebel for getting feedback in form of data. So you complete the survey and the site will give these survey data to marketing research companies and it will eventually reach the company. In simple terms, everyone gets the money.

PrizeRebel Features

There are many features of PrizeRebel and honestly these features make PrizeRebel even more special. So you don’t want to miss out on these features while using PrizeRebel for sure. So keep reading ahead for the PrizeRebel review.

1. Account Levels

You will get glad to know that PrizeRebel rewards their constituent users through Account levels. As a beginner or new member, you will start from the bronze level.

As soon as you start earning points and rewards, you will step up on new levels and you will also get different rewards opportunities. Given below are the benefits from each level.

Bronze level

1. No bonus points.

2. No requirements of points.

3. 20 percent referral.

4. No automatic prize processing.

Gold level

1. 1 percent bonus points.

2. Requirements of 4500 points.

3. 25 percent referral.

4. Automatic prize processing is available.

Platinum level

1. 2 percent bonus points.

2. Requirements of 10,000 points.

3. 30 percent referral.

4. Automatic prize processing is available.

Diamond level

1. 3 percent bonus points.

2. Requirements of 16000 points.

3. 30 percent referral.

4. Automatic prize processing is available.

2. Contests and Raffles

PrizeRebel hosts different contests and raffles that can increase and boost your rewards points. In simple words, taking part in these contests and raffles will increase your rewards points. You can also use the promo codes provided by PrizeRebel on their Facebook page.

These codes will get you free points. Hence all these things will increase your reward points. You can convert these reward points into cash money and gift cards. So the objective of increasing your rewards points gets fueled with such contests and raffles.

3. Fast Reward Processing

The benefit of using this site is that you will get your reward up to 24 hours after you have redeemed the points online. There are many sites that give you points but don’t redeem them. So PrizeRebel site actually gives you fast reward processing benefits.

Gold or above gold members get automatic prize redemption. Hence this site is worth so much.

How to earn PrizeRebel Points

Here are the ways to earn PrizeRebel points. Do give them a read.

1. PrizeRebel Surveys

There are many ways to earn PrizeRebel points. The most effective and efficient way is to take part in PrizeRebel surveys and complete them.

Taking any survey will transfer you to survey router sites. As soon as you complete these surveys, you will be transferred back to the PrizeRebel page and you will earn rewards points. Examples of these survey routers are OxSample router, Samplicious Surveys, etc.

2. Trials, Internet Searches, and Email Subscriptions

Another way of earning rewards points from PrizeRebel is taking trials, internet searches, and email subscriptions. You will be asked to do internet searches, and you can also take trails.

Subscribing to some emails can also help you in earning points. These things won’t take much time as compared to surveys. So you can also try these things for earning more reward points.

3. PrizeRebel Videos

As the name suggests, you have to watch PrizeRebel videos. Watching PrizeRebel videos can also help you in gaining rewards points easily.

4. Daily Tasks

You can earn many reward points by giving your 20 minutes per day. There are some daily tasks given by PrizeRebel that will take only 20 minutes. So you can also choose to complete these tasks for earning more reward points.

How Much are PrizeRebel Points Worth?

Now you know how to earn rewards points. You must be wondering how much are PrizeRebel points worth. So now let’s talk about this. Given below are the values of PrizeRebel points.

1. $5= 500 PrizeRebel points.

2. $0.01= 1 PrizeRebel point.

3. $10= 1000 PrizeRebel points.

You get the option of PayPal payment, gift cards, and direct transfer for redeeming your points. You will receive your reward within 24 hours after redeeming your points online. Gold and above Gold members will get super quick instant payment.

Getting Started

Now you know almost everything about PrizeRebel. The important thing you need to know is how to make your account on this site. There are some rules you need to know.

You can also call this a criteria area. The first rule that you need to be of age 18 or above 18. All the surveys are in the English language. So you need to have a good command of the English language. People in the 13 to18 age group can also use PrizeRebel with the parent’s permission and help.

Creating an account on PrizeRebel is as easy as it can be. You need to give your name, email, and a strong password made by you. You also need to give your birth date, employment status, gender, ethnicity, education level, company, and annual income of the household.

You have to fulfill a profile questionnaire. This information will help the PrizeRebel to bring you the best surveys. These surveys will seem interesting to you. The reason is that it is brought to you by gathering your information that you provide.

PrizeRebel Referral Link

PrizeRebel will give you 30% of the total points that your referral will get. In simple words, let’s say you have shared a referral link with your friend. Your friend sign-ups and starts using it.

Let’s say he made 100 points. Now you will be getting 30 points from these 100 points into your reward points account. You can earn points by sharing a PrizeRebel referral link to your friends and family. You can ask or urge them to be active.


You also need to be careful about security. I mean everyone knows that people are making money by selling our personal data. So you always need to be a little careful while giving out your details. You should also try not to make an account with Facebook on PrizeRebel. Facebook is always in news for using the user’s data.

So using Facebook to make an account on PrizeRebel isn’t a good idea. My advice would be to always be a little careful while giving out your details.

Customer Support

It is very important to have customer support. You should only use the sites that offer you good customer support.

In simple words, your issues need to be solved by the helpers. There is always a possibility of getting things wrong even if you have done everything correctly. So you need customer support and people from the site that can solve your issues.

You will be glad to know that PrizeRebel offers you a wonderful customer support system. This proves that PrizeRebel is a legitimate site and you can trust it. There is a support specialists panel and they will be there for you. You can have confusion related to surveys, issues, or any problems. These specialists will help you in resolving your issues.,

Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to a coin. There are always advantages of something as well as disadvantages. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of PrizeRebel in detail.


There are many pros or advantages of using PrizeRebel.

1. Simple and Easy Interface:

PrizeRebel is wonderfully organized. It will help you to work properly without any worries. Your work experience is automatically improved and you will like to work here. Unorganized sites can cause you lots of headaches. You will spend time in finding the right tabs. So PrizeRebel saves you from these headaches by keeping a super clean and simple interface.

2. Many Reward Options and Customer Support Panels:

As said earlier, you get the option of PayPal payment, gift cards, and direct bank transfer for redeeming your points. So it is super flexible to redeem your reward points easily. There is also a customer support panel for resolving your issues and confusion. So it is easy, safe, and fun to work with PrizeRebel.

3. Automatic Prize Processing Availability:

You already know that gold and above gold members will get their rewards instantly. As soon as you will request your rewards, you will get it. This is a super amazing option. There are many fewer sites that offer you these facilities.


Now we will talk about the disadvantages or cons of this site.

1. Survey Disqualifications:

You won’t be qualified for every survey. So there is always a chance of disappointment. You have to bear this. PrizeRebel always tries to bring you the best surveys. You have to keep in mind that you won’t be qualified for each and every survey.

2. Use of English:

As said earlier, this site uses the English language. Hence a good command of the English language becomes a necessity. You can’t understand the surveys if you don’t know English.

3. Lots of Emails:

You will be facing lots of spam emails. This is one of the major disadvantages of this and many other sites.

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I have tried to present the PrizeRebel Review in a simple and easy manner. This site is trustworthy and simple to use. You have the support of customer panel specialists. You can easily resolve your issues. You get many options for redeeming your rewards points.

So overall this site is a good option for earning additional money. There are many ways of earning money. It is important to work with trustworthy sites and people. I hope this article helps you in knowing about PrizeRebel. We wish you all the best for working with PrizeRebel.