13 Online Tutoring Job Opportunities

Knowledge is something that knows no boundaries. You carry your knowledge with you everywhere. Your knowledge may help someone or may help you.

You may be an expert in a particular field or subject. You can use your expertise to earn, educate and help students in need. To do so, online tutoring jobs are the best option.

Online tutoring jobs are amongst the easiest and most flexible jobs one can opt for. If you want to earn some extra cash apart from your usual pay, you can apply for tutoring jobs online.

Make Money

You don’t need to have a license to teach online. All you need is passion, interest, and knowledge!

Many sites offer jobs tutoring jobs that have flexible timings and offer good money in return. A list of some of the best and legit websites have been carefully compiled.

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Top 13 Tutoring Jobs Online

Have a look at the list below. This list will make job hunting easier for you and save you a lot of time.

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1. VIP Kid

If you think you have a good command of the English language, VIP Kid is a good choice. You can check it out at least.

Through this website, you can teach English to Chinese students. The timing is flexible. But you must coordinate your timings according to the time zone.

You can earn more if you are available during Beijing’s peak time. There are 2 different time slots for weekdays and weekends when you can earn more.

These time slots are according to Beijing’s time. So, you must know what time it will be in your time zone. On weekdays, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and weekends, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Another plus point of this website is that all your lessons will be pre-planned. All you must do is walk through the lessons and make the students understand.

The medium of communication must be English. The lessons will be about primary language and math skills.

Everything on the website will be in according to the U.S. Common Core State Standard.

Basic requirements:

  • Any teaching or coaching experience
  • Available during early morning and evenings
  • 7.5 hours per week
  • Work permit in the U.S. or Canada

2. iTutor

iTutor is another site that offers tutoring jobs to people online. If you want to apply to iTutor you should have a bachelor’s degree and some experience in teaching. Some of the partners of this site include:

  • AASA
  • The School of Superintendents Association

Teachers at iTutor are dedicated to student’s welfare and success.Some of the subjects you can teach at iTutor include maths, language, test prep, science, and social studies.

You have the freedom to choose the times you want to work and the class you want to teach. You can select any class from first to 12th.

Basic requirements:

  • Classroom teaching experience
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Expertise in subjects like SAT, maths, science, etc.
  • Active teaching certification

3. Yup

Yup is a website that specializes in maths and science. You get paid by minutes and earn performance-based bonuses. Timings are flexible and are decided by you.

Topics of maths range from basics to calculus and in science, physics, and chemistry, both are included.

One does not need any prior experience in teaching but needs to pass a skill test before getting accepted. A good and dependable internet connection is all you need.

Basic requirements:

  • No teaching experiences
  • Appropriate knowledge in expertise
  • Pass the skill test

4. Cambly

Cambly is not your usual tutoring website. You don’t need to be a subject matter expert or an educator. The only requirement here is a good command of the English language.

Cambly does not pay you to teach rather it pays you to converse with people who are learning English as a secondary language.

A smartphone or a laptop and a good internet connection are what you need, and you are good to go.

The conversation takes place through calls. So, you get to decide the time at which you want to work.

You don’t need any prior preparations because your role is to help the students practice their language.

Basic requirements:

  • Fluent in the English language
  • No foreign accent
  • No experience

5. Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 recruits’ educators for classes starting from kindergarten up to high school. The website sets an appointment for you and the students.

You are usually appointed the same students. The reason behind this is that it helps students adapt to the teaching method of one teacher.

All the lessons and their contents are prepared by the company beforehand. Thus, you don’t need to make any prior preparations.

Subjects on this website include maths, English, science, social science, and reading. They also plan to launch robotic and coding lessons. For this, they will soon open their recruiting process.

Basic requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or pursuing a teaching degree
  • Working hours between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. according to the Pacific Time.

6. Tutor.com

Tutor.com has a variety of subjects to choose from. Some of them include maths, proofreading, essays, history, and SAT prep.

You can also select the age group you wish to teach. Timings are flexible and up to you. A good internet connection and a laptop are the only requirements.

Apart from educating students, Tutor.com also has a special program for U.S. military members and their families.

A funding program has been set up for them which helps them study at no cost. So it was always a good one.

Basic requirements:

  • Pass a subject test
  • College fresher or higher
  • Five hours a week at least
  • Compulsory degree for some subjects
  • U.S. or Canadian residency with a valid Social Security number or Social Insurance number

7. QKids

QKids offers tutoring jobs to people living in the U.S. or Canada. Like VIPKids, QKids is also a site where tutors get paid to teach English to Chinese students.

Students on QKids lie between the age of 4 to 12 years. It is a fun job if you like interacting with younger kids.

One of the basic requirements here is a good hold of the English language. You must sign a contract with the company before you start working.

The contract states that you must work for the company for a minimum period of 6 months.Lessons are pre-planned, and you can set appointments according to your schedule.

Basic requirements:

  • Six hours a week for six months
  • University degree or current enrolment degree proof
  • The U.S. or Canadian residency
  • Fluent English

8. Brainfuse

Brainfuse has a strict recruitment procedure that includes U.S. residency, a four-year bachelor’s degree, background, and reference checks. You get to work with some of the best tutors.

You can plan and set your sessions according to your schedule. This website is primarily for adults but primary, secondary and college students can also be taught.

Basic requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the subject of expertise
  • Pass background and reference checks
  • Resumes submission
  • Experience in teaching or some certification

9. Chegg

Formerly known as InstaEDU, Chegg connects students to subject matter experts from all around the world. You don’t need to work every day on Chegg.

You can work according to your schedule. Students range from middle school to professionals. You might be teaching or helping any of these.

Some of the subjects you can choose from are calculus, biology, economics and even astrophysics.You answer the questions of the students through a virtual whiteboard.

Basic requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or enrolment proof
  • Proficiency test
  • Experience if any but not compulsory


You can either work part-time or full-time with this site. You must fix a schedule for yourself for every day and work according to that.

Evenings and nights are the best times to work. Once you have fixed one schedule, you can change it but with prior notice to the company.

The students range from kindergarten to undergraduate college students.Some of the subjects you can choose from include maths, English, physics, and biology.

Basic requirements:

  • At least four hours each day
  • Good internet connection
  • Master’s degree in your subject of expertise
  • Some teaching experiences

11. Superproof

Superproof is a website that offers online tutoring jobs to people living in the U.K. You get paid by minutes and get to select how much you would like to get paid.

25% of your pay is deducted for back-office support by the company. So set your salary accordingly.

The format of interacting with the students is in the form of Q&A. So, make sure to be available to the students and increase your credibility. This will help you earn more.

Basic requirements:

  • The U.K. residency
  • CRB, DBS, Disclosure Scotland, or Access Northern Ireland check
  • PayPal account

12. Aim-for-A

Aim-for-A offers online tutoring jobs to people all around the world. There are no geographical restrictions. Good internet and a laptop to work on are the only requirements.

Work timings are flexible, and you can choose from a wide variety of subjects. Students range from grade one to 12.

Anyone higher than this usually seeks help for different test preps. Working during peak hours helps you increase your earnings.

Basic requirements:

  • Teaching experience or certification
  • Available during peak hours in Europe, North America, and Australia
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Fluent English

13. Skooli

Skooli has higher educational requirements than other sites. Only people with a bachelor’s degree and a Canadian or U.S. provincial teaching certificate can teach on this site.

You can choose from two options while selecting your classes. You can either set a session beforehand or log in anytime and start teaching.

Mediums of teaching include video conferencing, live chat, screen sharing, and interactive whiteboard. You can also connect Google Drive to your account.

This site is mostly for primary and secondary students, but you can also take classes for college students.

Basic requirements:

  • One of the given educational qualification:
  1. Bachelor’s degree and a state or provincial teaching certificate
  2. Master’s degree or PhD
  3. Specialised instructor qualification such as ESL certification
  4. Education proof and identification
  5. PayPal
  6. Pass criminal record check

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Online tutoring is an easy and flexible job. You can do it part-time for starters and shift to full-time if you enjoy doing it. These jobs offer good money and the freedom to work according to your will.

These jobs are not only for those looking for a job but also for college students who want to earn some extra money while studying.