‘Tom Brady Net Worth’ Age, Height, Personal Life, Family, And Career Highlights

Tom Brady aka Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is an American football player and a model. Tom was born on August 3, 1997, in California, The United States. He has three older sisters.

Tom Brady Net Worth

Brady has a net worth of 250 million dollars as of today. His wife, Gisele has a separate net worth of 400 million dollars. He is one among the Tampa Bay Bucs now.

The contract with the Bucs for two years is worth 50 million dollars, inclusive of 5 million dollars as incentive bonuses.

Net Worth

Tom Brady Early Life

Brady went to Junipero High School in the year 1995. He was also a left-hander batting catcher baseball player. Brady developed an interest in football which made him choose over baseball.

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Brady got the chance to play his first match as a substitute of an injured quarterback, after which he maintained his position as quarterback till the time of his graduation.

Brady in his senior years began to create and send his highlight tapes to the schools which he thought of attending. He was to be considered as a four-star recruit.

At the end of the recruiting process, Brady shortlisted five schools namely Cal–Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Michigan, and Illinois. He was then recruited in Michigan by assistant Bill Harris. Brady’s father personally wanted him to attend Cal-Berkeley.

Tom Brady Career

In Michigan, he began his career as a backup quarterback for two years. He thought of getting himself transferred to Cal-Berkeley in between. He underwent certain psychological sessions to maintain his anxiety and frustration level.

Greg Harden, the assistant athletic director had helped Brady boost his confidence level and improve his game on the field. He became the captain of the team in his senior year.

In the 1999 season, against Michigan State, Brady was not selected to play to the second half of the game. But after being reinserted in the game with Michigan, he led the team to score a nearly win 34-31. Since then, his head coach Llyod Carr went with choosing Brady for the entire season.

He led the team to the regular season’s final game as winners of three straight and earned himself the moniker of “Comeback Kid. He won All-State and All-Far West honors and was known as the team’s Most Valuable Player Award.

Brady has won about 230 regular-season games and 34 postseason games, in total 264 wins. Brady does hold a .767 winning percentage, the highest among NFL quarterbacks who have played 100 games.

He is the one and only NFL quarterback to win 200 regular-season games and his 34 postseason victories. In the regular season, he is tied with four more additional players for the selection of most Pro Bowl at 14 and he has been named league MVP three times.

In the year 2008, Brady suffered two-foot injuries due to which he did not play the entire year, that was the time when his team also could make it to the playoffs without him. In 2010, his MVP was awarded in a unanimous decision, it was achieved for the first time.

Brady was known as the “Male Athlete of the Year” in 2007, which made him the second NFL player after quarterback Joe Montana to receive the award.

Brady and Montana are the only players to win multiple NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards. He has much more record-breaking history because of which he is known as the greatest quarterback of all time.

Tom Brady Personal Life

Brady had been dating an actress, Bridget Moynahan in the year 2004-2006. They had ended their relationship in December 2006, that’s when Brady started to date a Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, introduced by a common friend on a blind date.

In February 2007, Moynahan (Brady’s Ex-girlfriend) had announced her pregnancy for more than three months with Brady’s child. Brady and Bundchen were married in February 2009, in a small ceremony in Santa Monica, California.

In the year April 2009, they had a second ceremony in Costa Rica. They had their first child in the year 2009 and second child in the year 2012. He ensures to maintain a strict diet including his drinking habits.

Tom Brady Real Estate

In 2004, Brady had purchased a three-bedroom condo at The Burrage house for 4.125 million dollars which is located in the Back Bay section of Boston. In 2009, the couple bought an undeveloped plot of land in Los Angeles for 9 million dollars.

In May 2014, the property was sold for 50 million dollars to Dr.Dre. In 2018 Tom and Gisele invested 25.5 million dollars for a 12th-floor unit in a New York City building. The unit was sold by them in December 2020 for 40 million dollars.

In 2020, Brady and his wife Gisele build a home in a gated community that had a market value of 40 billion Dollars which had come down to 33.9 billion dollars in the same year.

His recent purchase in Miami totals 17 billion dollars which are known to be “Billionaire’s Bunker”. He also has a vacation home in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

Tom Brady Early Life and Educational Background

Born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California, Tom Brady’s age is [46 years as of 2023]. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall. Raised by his parents, Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn Patricia Brady, his upbringing was marked by a strong sports culture.

Tom Brady High School and College Career

Brady attended Junípero Serra High School in San Mateo, where he began his football journey. He later played college football at the University of Michigan, where he showed early signs of the champion he would become.

Tom Brady NFL Career and Achievements

Drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000, Brady’s NFL career is nothing short of legendary. He has led his teams to multiple Super Bowl victories, setting records and earning accolades along the way.

Tom Brady Career Stats and Records

Tom Brady’s career stats are a testament to his skill and longevity in the game. By the age of 27, he had already amassed impressive passing yards, a figure that only grew as his career progressed.

His win-loss record and total touchdowns (TDs) are among the best in the league, underscoring his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Tom Brady Jersey Number and Its Significance

Brady is famously associated with the number 12 jersey, a number that has become synonymous with his identity on the field. The number 12 has been a part of his brand, reflecting his leadership and impact in the game.

Tom Brady Off the Field: Products and Movie Appearances

Beyond the football field, Brady has been involved in various product endorsements, from sports apparel to wellness products. His foray into the film industry includes cameo appearances, adding to his portfolio of achievements.

Tom Brady Retirement Speculations and Comebacks

Speculations about Brady’s career end have been a topic of discussion in recent years. His brief retirement announcement in early 2022, followed by a quick return to the game, has kept fans and analysts on their toes regarding his future in the sport.

Tom Brady Personal Life: Family and Relationships

Tom Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and the couple has two children together. He also has a child from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. Brady’s family life is a significant part of his public persona, often sharing moments with his family on social media.

Tom Brady Philanthropy and Community Work

Brady is known for his philanthropic efforts, involving himself in various charitable causes. His commitment to community work and social responsibility adds another layer to his public image.

Tom Brady Awards and Accolades

Tom Brady’s list of awards is extensive. From multiple NFL MVP awards to numerous Super Bowl MVPs, his accolades reflect his dominance and skill in the sport.

Tom Brady Real Estate and Lifestyle

Brady’s success is mirrored in his lifestyle and real estate choices. His properties, including a notable estate in Tampa, Florida, reflect his taste for luxury and comfort, befitting an NFL star.

Tom Brady Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, Tom Brady’s presence on social media is significant. He engages actively with his audience on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, sharing insights into his life, career updates, and personal views.

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Tom Brady is one of those footballers who has been very passionate about his interests and never gave up in the hardest moments along with his family’s support. Life has taken him into different stages for him to become the best player of all time.