Qualcomm Hits Record High After It Tells Investors It Will Grow Without Apple

“This company can no longer be defined by a single market and a single end-customer,” Cristiano Amon said in a statement to the news. He is the CEO of the Qualcomm company if you did not know that before.

Qualcomm stocks have now hit a record high after it had made a statement that it can and will grow without Apple. This was indeed a very bold statement that had been made by them. We are also surprised to see that they are not all talk. They have made a statement and that does seem to come true in the recent light of events.

Qualcomm Hits Record High After It Tells Investors It Will Grow Without Apple

Qualcomm stock had been going on and increasing and it reached an all-time high when it closed up at 7.9% on Tuesday. This immediately happened after they had taken the decision and had gone ahead with the issued bullish forecasts. All these events had taken place at an investor’s conference in New York. They have made it very clear by the statement that its growth is not really dependent or relying on a relationship with any single customer.

“As we continue to invest in leading RF front end technology, there’s opportunity to supply to Apple. But as it relates to Apple, we don’t make any assumptions other than the assumptions we have in the plan,” Amon said, or rather he continued to say “So everything on Apple, we should think about upside.”

Any comment had not been made by Apple on this matter at hand. There had been requesting to comment sent to the company. But they had not given any immediate reply to all of those requests. Thus, this is all that we have for now. If there are any updates regarding this matter then we will surely let you know about it. That is all. Take care!