18 Best Full Time Jobs for 18 Year Old

Building up the foundation of life from a very young age is a mature decision. The sooner you find stability in your life, the better it is for you.

If you have been searching around for some suitable jobs for yourself, then you have reached the perfect destination.

We, through this article, are trying to clear all your doubts and help you get a new working life.

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18 Best Full Time Jobs for 18 Year Old

We have jotted down a list of the 18 best full-time jobs for 18-year-olds, which we hope will truly serve the purpose. Let’s start the list.

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1. Dog Walker

If you are an animal lover and love to surround yourself with cute, furry things, then this is the perfect pick for you.

Dog walkers are there to help the busy people, who become their clients, walk their dogs on a mutually agreed path and time schedule.

The job includes walking the canine, providing water and feeding it, and getting rid of the dog’s waste products.

Dog walkers have to provide physical exercises to the client’s dog for about one hour. And then after the session is completed, they must ensure the dog’s basic needs are met.

They are also expected to take the furry canine to the vet in times of emergency and if the dog chucks up under their supervision.

Skills required:-

You must have enough power in your muscles to be able to handle the force of few powerful canines and must have the ability to walk 2 dogs at once.

Do not forget that this job also includes picking up the waste materials of the dog, meaning you have to get your hands dirty.

2. Front Desk Clerk

A front desk clerk is the first person a client encounters when he/she enters a particular organization.

They are responsible to bring about the front desk executive duties and greet the client in a pleasant and generous manner to win their trust.

Their job also includes hey supervising the office budget, picking up phone calls and helping in the rescheduling of the clients, being responsible enough to answer the client’s doubts.

Skills required:-

To be the perfect candidate for this job, you must need to have strong communication and greeting skills.

An appreciable knowledge of office execution, and bookkeeping skills. You have to be a good multitasker and got to have noticeable organizational skills.

3. Youth Sports Coach

If you have been a sports person and sports lover throughout the rest of the teenage years, then this might be your dream job.

A youth sports coach’s job is to teach an allocated batch of youngsters sport skills and strategies.

Their main focus is to inculcate hey teamwork, sportsmanship and instill prized sporting skills and teamwork lessons.

A youth sports coach’s responsibility is to instill sporting tactics, providing proper sports equipment to the students, organizing all the practice sessions for the team.

Bringing the sportsman from within the students by directing safety and fair play, and ensuring unity within the team with proper directions.

Skills required:-

In order to become a youth sports coach, the most important thing which you must have is a passion for sports.

You also need first aid and CPR knowledge, a proper understanding of sporting strategies, appreciable communication skills

As you have to make all the youngsters follow you and you need to set expectations according to an individual’s capability.

4. Lawn Care Technician

The job of a lawn care technician is to beautify and maintain the beauty of the vegetation of an assigned sector such as gardens, front yards, back yards etcetera.

A lawn care technician’s responsibility is to conserve the beauty by watering, mowing, supervising, and looking after the vegetation of the particular place and doing all these tasks without damaging the plants.

They are expected to carry their own proper equipment for performing the correct tasks. They are required to get creative while beautifying the place and need to place the vegetation.

In such a manner that looks appealing to the eyes of a visitor.They need to get rid of weeds that invade the garden plants and destroy natural beauty.

Skills required:-

In order to become a lawn care technician, you must have proper functional knowledge of gardening tools and have a practice of mowing the lawn.

Mowing requires practice and is not suitable for an amateur. You must be hard-working as this job is quite tiring and must have enough knowledge to seclude invasive and foreign plants from the actual garden plants.

5. Bank Teller

Bank Teller is the first person customer meets when he goes to the bank. A bank teller is a person who deals with the customer first hand. They are often known as cashiers.

They generally work in commercial banks as cashiers. Their responsibility is, to sum up, cash, manipulating large quantities of money, receiving payments from customer.

Skills required:-

This job requires strong accounting knowledge. A bank teller should always be very good at numbers, should always be highly attentive.

They should have the knowledge of beforehand experience of the job and should be good at communicating in order to perform their tasks co-ordinately.

6. Photographer

If you love capturing memories into frames, then this is the perfect pick for you. You can turn your passion into a profession by opting for the job of a photographer.

The responsibilities of a photographer include creating an outstanding range of images for a wide range of clients.

Clicking professional photographs for clients and capture their important memories in images and files.A photographer is expected to meet the high expectations of the clients.

Skills required:-

To be a photographer, you must know how to handle a studio and have knowledge about lighting techniques and image postures.

A photographer should have knowledge about social media marketing, this helps to promote the profile of the photographer so that it crosses the eyes of more clients.

A photographer should be innovative and creative and should always be in search of new ways to impress the clients and should maintain good communication skills at public workshops.

7. Caregiver

If you have the knack for taking care of people, especially babies, and have no problems with their tantrums, then this might be the breakthrough you have been looking for.

This job particularly revolves around the nursing field and is suitable for people who care to go the extra mile to take care of people.

The responsibilities of a caregiver include helping individuals with day-to-day activities.They are expected to serve the residents and assist them in activities like preparing meals and then serving the meals.

They may be required hey to give proper medication to clients according to the prescription.

And regularly supervise their health, diet, and intake of ample fluids. In short, they must supervise the general life of their clients.

Skills required:-

If you want to be a caregiver, you should have appreciable knowledge about nursing and healthcare.

They should have enough strength to be able to handle a specially-abled individual and should have the ability to scrutinize information and strive towards better quality.

They should be efficient team workers hey and should promote a helpful and healthy attitude towards all.

However, sometimes caregivers with a valid driving license are more preferred. Most importantly, a caregiver must have the ability to motivate and encourage others and promote mental health.

8. Key Holder

This is the perfect job for 18-year-olds who go to bed late at night or who wake up early in the morning.Their day-to-day job is to open up and close the store at the start and end of the day.

They are responsible for providing the customers with the pleasurable experience of shopping which will make them interested to visit again.

The customers primarily seek help from them about product information. The store managers expect the key holders to assist in the maintenance of the store and assist in maintaining.

Skills required:-

Keyholders must have the knowledge of the products which the store is offering to the customers and must have good communication and customer serving skills.

9. Fashion Stylist

This job is one of the most unique jobs which is available. As it is clearly known from the title it requires people within the extraordinary sense of style and presentation.

Fashion stylists should always be updated about the current and upcoming trends in the fashion market. A fashion stylist should have a great ability of styling individuals according to the features of their body.

They are required in functions or shoots for suggesting and preparing accurate props for the occasion.

Skills required:-

One should have a proper sense of style and should know how to properly consider factors such as lighting, contouring, etc.

Proper designing skills is very much required in this industry and a candidate must know the basics of how to do makeup.

10. Administrative Assistant

This job quite matches the expectations of a front desk job. This job consists of all the administrative tasks of particular organizations and the complications arising from the tasks which need to be executed co-ordinately.

They are handed the responsibilities of managing phone calls, schedules, appointments, staff meetings, office mails, office policies, and office procedures.

They are required to make travel arrangements for senior assistants or clients and give in the report of all the expenses to the organization.

They are also expected to receive and guide clients according to the official policy. So you can apply her too.

Skills required:-

Mainly, they should have experience with organizational tasks and must consist of managerial skills, fluency in Ms office, interpersonal, and social skills.

Additionally, they are required do you have numerical, analytic, and multitasking skills. In this job, a candidate who possesses a high school degree is preferred more.

11. Accounts Payable Clerk

This is the job that particularly revolves around numbers. So, if you are an expert with numerical, then this might be in your interest.

The job responsibilities include managing all the payments of the organization, keeping track of all financial transactions done in or by the organization, creating financial journals and ledgers.

Supervising cash transactions done by clients, maintaining a proper financial balance in the organization, providing education information to the clients, and calculating taxes.

Skills required:-

Potential candidates must have appreciable knowledge about accounting and accounting standards. They should have very good mathematical skills.

Should be able to solve complex numerical.They should be fluent with journals and ledgers and must comprise analytical skills.

12. Marketing Assistant

In today’s world marketing has taken up many forms such as social media marketing, online marketing etcetera.

The responsibility of making a marketing campaign successful is handed over to the marketing assistant.

The marketing assistant does complete analytical research about the market structure and makes adjustments to the campaign according to the recent trends.

They look after the promotions and ensure greater customer satisfaction by providing quality products.

The responsibilities also include conducting market analysis, organizing and supervising marketing events end ensuring the best quality products for the customers.

Skills required:-

You must have the skills to promote a product on various platforms including online platforms and social media platforms.

You must have a good understanding of the market and marketing trends.You must be an expert at numbers and have good verbal skills.

You must ensure smooth teamwork within the organization and you should come up with creative ideas every time for promoting different products.

13. Host/ Hostess

This is the managerial position at a restaurant, and you will be responsible for all the administrative or serving tasks at the restaurant.

They are the ones who serve guests and show them their dining tables. Their responsibilities include managing customer orders, supervising and managing waiting lists, managing phone calls, and online orders.

They are expected to maintain a clean reception area and maintain healthy coordination among the staff to maintain the smooth functioning of the restaurant.

Skills required:-

Host/Hostess need to have knowledge of proper dining etiquette.A candidate must have good communication skills to and good controlling and commanding.

The cons of this job are that you might have to stand for an entire working shift and do a lot of walking, so, you must have strong legs.

14. Barista

Coffee is one of the key essentials in our day-to-day life, hey and it helps to kick start our day. There is a saying “a beautiful coffee helps create a beautiful day”.

The job of making coffee more beautiful and brightening up our day is handed over to the baristas. They’re the ones who create picturesque latte art which further adds to the deliciousness of the coffee.

However, baristas are not the only pro at making coffee but also soft drinks and cocktails. They also get indulged in inventions creating some unique tastes in coffee.

They are responsible to understand a customer’s mood and desire and prepare a drink which aligns with their expectations and intensify the good reputation of their shop.

Skills required:-

As known from the title, you should know how to properly brew a coffee and should have an immense amount of knowledge about all the kinds and flavors of coffee.

Baristas should have a working knowledge about the different kinds of brewing machines.

They should also know how to prepare a majority of other items such as drinks, cookies, pastries etcetera.They should have knowledge about how to sell a product.

They should be able to prepare a wide variety of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, cafe lotta etcetera, and moreover, they must be presentable and have good interpersonal skills.

15. Cook

“An excellent dish is a key to impress a person” is the motto of this industry. If you are an expert in creating a combination of flavors that astonishes a client, from scratch, then you might be the perfect need for this industry.

The responsibilities of a cook include impressing a client by creating a combination of mind-boggling dishes according to the client’s guidelines, maintaining the proper hygiene system of the work area.

Creating state of the art dishes, limiting the level of food consumption, making the food menu more attractable to gain customers.

Decorating the dishes according to the customer’s choice, keeping a track of purchases made and maintaining a proper ordeal in the kitchen.

The skill required:-

You must have proper verbal skills, organizational skills and must have a vast knowledge of intercontinental cuisines. You must master the art of butchering to make nonveg dishes.

You must have the ability to maintain the quality of your work for long working shifts and must have creativity within yourself.All these skills are essential to become a Cordon Bleu chef.

16. Caterer

Caterers work as food servers and serve dishes at important events. However, the job is not just limited to serving dishes.

The responsibilities also include maintaining the food standards and correct temperature for the food items which are to be served.

Ensuring the food does not get spoiled hey beforehand, supervising serving procedures and ensuring that hygiene is maintained at every stage.

Ensuring the trays and dishes are clean before being used, decorating and maintaining the dining space, and cleaning the area after the event is called off.

Skills required:-

To join this sector you should be very good at planning because you will be required to make all the arrangements of the event.

You must have good verbal and communication skills and must comprise organizational skills.

17. Parking Attendant

If you properly know driving, then this job might be the top pick for you. Job responsibilities include parking the client’s vehicles ad serving as valets.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the parking lot, find correct parking spots for the clients. They are responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle while parking.

They help the customers find their vehicle and work according to the client’s requests, they also sort out any congestion which has occurred at the parking lot.

Skills required:-

You should have punctuality and must comprise good customer interaction and client service skills. Possession of valid driving lessons is very important for this job.

18. Delivery Driver

Due to the modernization of society, the demand for delivery drivers has significantly risen.The job responsibilities include ensuring delivery of quality products to the customers.

keeping track of delivery particulars, and ensuring the items reach the correct place in the assigned time, and maintaining safety and hygiene procedures.

Skills required:-

You must possess a driving license because you need to drive your vehicle all around the city to ensure proper delivery.

You should have good time management skills and must know most shortcuts in the city to guarantee quick delivery.

You should have excellent navigation skills and must have good interpersonal and customer serving skills.

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We hope the list has helped you get some ideas about what to perform in the future and has helped you get some motivation for your future endeavors. Thus, on this good note, we are signing off.