KSI Net Worth

Entertainment platforms have seen an enormous number of changes in the past few decades. Thanks to the internet which has enhanced the entertainment experience of the people. The most important and the most powerful use of the internet is content creation. People having a particular skill can post their videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and are getting paid from there.

This is getting more and more popular among the people. They are getting attracted to this new trend and the content creators are making a lot of money through this. Anyone with a good sense of video editing skills and a good setup can create a video on the content of their choice and can earn money through it.

Net Worth

There are so many examples of YouTubers today who are bought into fame and fortune through the internet. PewDiePie (110 million subscribers), Dude Perfect (54.5M), Markiplier(28.2M) are some of the most popular names of Youtubers.

Another popular YouTuber who is bought into the limelight through YouTube is KSI. Olajide William Olatunji popular known as KSI is also a popular YouTube sensation. Apart from YouTuber, he is also an actor, rapper and comedian. He created his YouTube channel in the year 2008. His channel is a gaming channel on which he posts his FIFA games and vlogs. Since then, his videos have reached over 4 billion views.

KSI Net Worth

Ever since KSI created his YouTube channel, the popularity of his channel is increasing rapidly. People are showering a lot of love to his channel. With the love of his supporters and subscribers, KSI can have 12.8M subscribers on his channel. With such a great number of his subscribers, his net worth today is estimated to be $15 million.

Early Life

KSI was born in England in the year 1993. His father is a Nigerian and his mother belonged to London. KSI completed his schooling at Berkhamsted School. But during his high school days, he decided to drop out of school and follow his dreams. At first, his parents were disappointed by his decision of dropping out.

But later on, they supported him in pursuing his dreams. After his drop out, KSI created his YouTube channel and started uploading his games videos, vlogs and other entertainment kinds of stuff for people. He is very fond of playing football. His favourite club is Arsenal FC.


KSI began recording and editing videos in the year 2008. Since his channel is a gaming channel, most of his videos were from video games, especially FIFA. He became popular among the FIFA fans and his channel starts growing rapidly, and in this way, his career starts diversifying. In the year 2011, KSI decided to try his luck on music. He tried uploading his content on hip hop music and Rap.

Eventually, he got more subscribers in his first attempt, which turned up as a great success at that time. His songs started getting released on YouTube and iTunes. his videos were getting a good number of streams and eventually, he became popular among the people belonging to hip hop community. His first song that was released on his channel was “Heskey Time”.

The song was a football-themed song in which his Youtuber friend Randolph also featured. After getting loads of love for his first-ever song, KSI continues to release more and more singles as well as with other artists. Some of his popular tracks were Lamborghini, Down Like That and Two Birds One Stone. With the increase in popularity, KSI created a new trend among social media superstars.

The trend was about an amateur boxing match between social media superstars fighting with Joe Weller. The trend was developed in the year 2018. The trend continued to grow and after Joe Weller, KSI went on to fight with Logan Paul. The match was ended in a tie. In 2019, they both fought once again, and this time KSI won the match. The two matches together made a lot of money(in million dollars).

At 24, KSI was able to have his mansion, a Jacuzzi airlifted into the crib, and also bought a Lamborghini. His net worth is similar to his YouTube friends Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

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