‘Soulja Boy Net Worth’ Age, Height, Personal Life, Family, And Career Highlights

This article will provide you with the net-worth, life story, career, and estates over the years. DeAndre Cortez Way (born July 28, 1990) is an American rapper and record producer better known by his stage name Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em or just Soulja Boy.

In September 2007, he had a huge smash with his debut track. The song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” reached the top of the charts. By the initial days of  September 2007, the single was a non-consecutive seven-week number-one hit in the United States.

Net Worth

Soulja Boy Net Worth

The Atlanta rapper is worth $30 million and is one of the most well-known figures in the music industry. Crank That was his first song, and it was a massive hit, selling over 3 million digital downloads.

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This resulted in a significant increase in his fame, with many describing him as an overnight sensation. He has released numerous albums and mixtapes over the years. Turn My Swag On was one of the songs that made it into the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

The way was ranked number 18 on Forbes’ list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings of 2010 on August 17, after earning $7 million in 2010. Soulja Boy earned almost $7 million in 2012, earning him a spot on Forbes’ list of Hip Hop Cash Kings for the year.

Soulja Boy Early Life

Soulja, who used to go by the name DeAndre Wade while he was still unknown, was born in Chicago, Illinois, but moved about a lot as a result of his parent’s divorce. The rapper came to Atlanta with his mother and younger brother when he was six years old, only to face a difficult childhood.

Despite his financial hardships, Soulja never failed to notice the city’s allure, which is dominated by music. Soulja remarked, “I ain’t have nothing to do except go to school.”

“I used to be a straight-A student who was extremely intelligent. But, I’m not going to lie, music had an impact on my academics.” He met rapper Young Kwon there and was introduced to the music business.

Soulja considers Kwon’s teaching him to build beats and even recording his debut song to be a great experience. However, the financial situation persisted, and his father moved him to Mississippi when he was in eighth grade at Batesville’s South Panola High School.

Soulja Boy Career

Way’s father established a recording studio for him to satisfy his musical dreams. Way uploaded his tracks on the SoundClick website in November 2005. He set up accounts on YouTube and Myspace after receiving favorable feedback on the site.

Unsigned & Still Major: Da Record Before da Album, his debut independent album, was released in March 2007. Soulja Boy uploaded his tracks on the SoundClick website in November 2005.

They received excellent feedback, and he created YouTube and MySpace accounts. In March 2007, he recorded “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and released “Unsigned and Still Major: Da Album Before da Album,” his debut independent album.

In addition, he created a low-budget film to demonstrate the “Crank That” dance. “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” had been played on the radio by the end of May 2007, and he had secured a deal with Interscope Records.

“Crank That” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2007 and stayed there for seven weeks. Soulja received a Grammy nomination for the song.

Soulja Boy Personal Life

On DJ Cisco’s Urban Legend mixtape in June 2008, famous rapper Ice-T told Way to “eat a dick” and condemned his song “Crank That” as “trash” in comparison to the efforts of other hip-hop artists like as Rakim, Das EFX, Big Daddy Kane, and Ice Cube.

After that, the two exchanged movies via the Internet. Deion Jenkins, Way’s younger brother, was killed in a car crash on March 22, 2011. Soulja Boy had all of his face tattoos erased in 2020 in order to segue into film and television roles.

When he was 16, he got his first face tattoo, much to his mother’s chagrin. In 2009, he was engaged for three months to Rosa Acosta, and then in 2019 to Nia Riley, his long-term on-again, off-again lover.

Soulja Boy Real Estate

Soulja Boy owns a home in Agoura Hills, California, just outside of Los Angeles. He formerly owned a home in McDonough, Georgia outside of Atlanta. He sold that property in 2010. Apart from luxurious homes, he also has a big eye for luxury cars.

The RC Lamborghini Covered With Diamonds owned by Soulja Boy is working and worth $250,000.

He also owns a clothing brand and did charity work back in 2007 with an organization, Toyz N Da Hood which gave/donated toys to underprivileged children and also to those belonging to low-income families.

Soulja Boy Early Life and Background

Born on July 28, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, Soulja Boy is [33 years old as of 2023]. He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Raised initially by his mother, Lisa Way, and later moving to Mississippi to live with his father, Tracy Way, his upbringing was instrumental in shaping his musical ambitions.

Soulja Boy Educational Path

Soulja Boy attended schools in Mississippi where he started to explore his interest in music and entertainment. While his formal education background is less known, it was during his high school years that he began to manifest his passion for music.

Soulja Boy Musical Career: Albums and Hit Songs

Soulja Boy catapulted to fame with his hit single “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” in 2007, which was a massive success.

His discography includes albums like “Souljaboytellem.com,” “iSouljaBoyTellem,” and “The DeAndre Way.” His style and approach to music production have been influential in the hip-hop scene.

Soulja Boy Record Labels and Music Production

Soulja Boy is known for his innovative use of social media and the internet in music production and distribution. He founded his own record label, Stacks on Deck Entertainment (SODMG), and has been affiliated with other major labels, showcasing his entrepreneurial mindset.

The Persona: Soulja Boy’s Public Image

Soulja Boy’s public persona is characterized by his bold and often controversial statements, his savvy use of social media, and his flair for self-promotion. He has been a trendsetter in using the internet for music promotion.

Soulja Boy Personal Life: Relationships and Family

Soulja Boy’s personal life, including his relationships and family matters, has often been in the public eye. He has had high-profile relationships, but details about his current relationship status or children are not widely publicized.

Is Soulja Boy a Billionaire?

There has been much speculation about Soulja Boy’s net worth, with claims of him being a billionaire. While these claims are exaggerated, there is no doubt that he has amassed significant wealth through his music and business ventures.

The Appeal of Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. He was one of the first artists to use the internet and social media to independently promote and distribute his music, paving the way for future artists. His catchy tunes and unique style also contributed to his appeal.

Soulja Boy Awards and Recognitions

Throughout his career, Soulja Boy has received various nominations and awards. These accolades, including a BET Hip-Hop Award, reflect his influence and impact on the hip-hop genre.

Soulja Boy Real Estate and Lifestyle

Soulja Boy’s success is reflected in his lifestyle and real estate choices. He has owned properties that reflect his status as a successful artist in the music industry.

Soulja Boy Social Media and Digital Presence

Soulja Boy is a prominent figure on social media, known for his active and often controversial presence. He uses platforms like Twitter and Instagram to engage with fans, promote his music, and share aspects of his personal life.

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Soulja Boy being one of the most popular and wealthy rappers, has an estimated net worth ranging in millions and has investments in and around the globe.